Angels Speak the Truth

Mercury - the Planet of Communication

Today, the clever trickster planet Mercury meets with big ‘ole blustery Jupiter. These two can produce quite a talkfest. As a planet of communication, Mercury loves to fill the day with chatter.  He spins here and there, to and fro, always busy sharing news.

Jupiter loves to hear tales of travel to far off lands. As a representative of nobility, he receives the stories of Mercury with grace, and adds a few on his own. Truly, on one level, these two joined look like a court jester (Mercury) entertaining the king (Jupiter).

The King nods and remembers his nights in Morocco under a waxing Leo moon. As a King he lives with the luxury of free time and a need for diversion. As a trickster, Mercury entices the King to forego his duties at home, and live only in the memory of his past, or anticipation of his future.

Jupiter - the Planet of Guidance
 At the end of the day, King Jupiter tosses his jester Mercury a gold coin, thankful for an afternoon of entertainment and good stories. Neither one has told the truth, but both are satisfied by an afternoon of fantasy.

However, a day when these two planetary friends meet can yield more than interesting stories. Jupiter has wisdom, and Mercury has great ideas. The challenge lies in finding a workable method that utilizes the positive qualities of each.

The oracle card image of Jupiter portrys his connection to the realm of the archangels and channeled higher guidance. This is your source for informaton; ask the angels and listen to their wisdom. They will always speak the truth.