Astrology Predictions May 21

My Key phrase for this week is: Awareness

This is a full and dynamic week with two unique planetary oppositions. The opposition is an aspect that calls for and teaches awareness.

Think of it as entering a store that holds the exact thing that you’ve been wanting so badly. Maybe it’s candy, or a car, or a certain kind of relationship.

But, first you must cross a dangerous looking moat that makes the object of your desire appear even further away, although you are so close.

But, you still have to figure out how bridge that last gap. That is the astrological opposition; you’re so near, but not there yet. This week on Wednesday, May 23rd Mercury opposes Jupiter, and on Saturday, Venus opposes Saturn. I’ll break it down.

Mercury Opposing Jupiter

Mercury opposing Jupiter is the ultimate awareness aspect. Mercury the messenger gives a name to your desires. He identifies and then speaks the words of what you want – this is helpful because you must always get focused in order to really manifest something specific.

And, Jupiter grants your wishes! So, Jupiter and Mercury are a good combination to get what you want; but you must bridge the gap.

The opposition requires a strategy, and it often helps to think outside the box. Maybe it’s time to revisit an old situation but with new expectations and boundaries.

The Sun trine Mars on Wednesday is another aspect that helps you take on a task, but this time with a new set of rules. With the Sun in Taurus, and Mars in Capricorn (plus Uranus now in Taurus) – you can do anything; these two earth signs will fuel your manifestation abilities,

Venus Opposing Saturn

Venus opposing Saturn on Saturday, May 26th is a similar message but with a different flavor. Venus and Saturn are all about commitment. You’ve made your wishes known; now Venus and Saturn ask if you’re willing to commit to the task at hand.

Venus opposing Saturn can make you lose heart unless you apply your wisdom and knowledge. You may want to flee, to run away and hide rather than actually cross the dangerous moat that keeps you from what you want.

But again, you must figure out a way to bridge the gap. What you need is a good boat and ferryman; someone to help take you where you want and need to go.

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Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!