Astrology Star Cast for August 7

Shifting Gears

Greetings magical being! You’re here at a special time and place – a moment like no other.

This week is a time to harmonize the full moon eclipse energies and prepare for the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st.

A lot can happen in two weeks.

Planetary precision is exquisite these days. Notably, Mercury stations retrograde this week on Saturday at 12 degrees Virgo. Virgo is about details, and this Mercury retrograde will purify situations that have had a shiny cover applied to disguise a muddy interior. Mercury is on clean out mission.

Retrograde Mercury revisits the solar eclipse degree, 29 Leo, on Friday/Saturday, September 1 /2nd. Mercury next stations direct at 28 Leo on September 5th.

Think of this as a firecracker being lit that adds celestial fire to the Solar Eclipse.

On Sept 3rd and 4th, Mars forms two major aspects:
Mars trine Uranus on Sept 2 and Mercury conjunct Mars on Sept 3rd.

Mercury then stations direct at 28 Leo, (still within the eclipse degree) on Sept 5th, just before the Pisces full moon on Sept 6th.

This is a ton of information, and if you’re one of many, whose head spins when seeing and hearing Astro*Tech, take heart. Your take away, please, is to:

1)    Remain calm and carry on; enjoy the show.
2)    Look within, and take action that purifies your own body, heart, and soul.
3)    Stabilize. Like a ship on the ocean, you must balance of all your systems.

Use this week, August 7 – 13 to modulate your energies.

Every full moon is a time of awareness when the sun and moon are in opposition in the sky.

The opposition  brings up an either-or situation which is emphasized with the dynamic Aquarius/Leo eclipse.

Saturn is the Pearl in your Oyster!

Astrology teaches to dig into the planetary rulers for insight, and if you look at the ancient ruler of Aquarius, then Saturn comes up as an ace card. (Uranus is the modern ruler of Aquarius, but Hellenistic astrology defers to Saturn, and there is a pearl in this oyster.)

Saturn makes you take a hard look and prioritize. The gift of Saturn is longevity, so, if this lunar eclipse has brought you to an either/or situation, study the rules of Saturn to make your decision.

Overall, this is a mellow week wrapped in colorful cellophane of eclipses. You’ll find the space to make necessary shifts to get yourself up to the warp speed that lies ahead. Enjoy.

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