Astro*Oracle card for today is: 8th HOUSE

Easy Astrology Oracle Card- 8th House

This post is dedicated to animal trainer Dawn Brancheau and Tilikum the killer whale who ended Dawn's life on earth this week.

The 8th house is one of the most mysterious and difficult to understand. At least, speaking for myself, it has taken me years to grasp the significance of this arena of shared resources and even so called ‘goods of the dead.'

The first key to understanding the 8th house is through recognition that it naturally follows the 7th house of relationships. The 8th then becomes the fruitfulness or productivity of any given partnership. Here, we also strengthen psychic bonds and experience the physicality of group integration.

The 8th house also rules legacies – that which survives the individual after his or her passing. Perhaps there is a chance that Dawn Brancheau's legacy will be for giant Tilikum to be released into a marine wildlife sanctuary where he lives as nature intended. It's impossible to overlook the fact that such an animal deserves compassion for time served as a pawn of a corporate entertainment  business.

THe 8th House Corresponds to the Planet Pluto, and Functions Through Transformation

As a house ruling deep vital choices that affect  individuals as well as society as a whole, the only  reasonable tribute that SeaWorld/Disney can pay Dawn Brancheau is to find a respectful relocation for Tilikum. After all, the 8th House is also place of accountability; let's see some responsibility and tribute to the animals instead of promoting them as  sideshow attractions.

The Easy Astrology Oracle Card visually illustrates how the 8th House also corresponds to the planet Pluto, the deep, dark lord of the underworld. Pluto is remembered as the character who snatched his wife Persephone by reaching up through a hole in the ground. He harvested his chosen maiden to serve as a queen. Mythology relates that Persephone was not totally distraught at her fate; rather, she reigned as queen in the underworld with dignity and power.

The purple circle in the 8th House card is an Ouroborus, a symbol of eternal life and transformation. The age old symbol of a snake eating its tail addresses the alchemical concept of unity with ones own shadow, and the resultant spiral of life which brings the human soul finally to liberation.

Delivered today with respect to Dawn Brancheau and her family, and in honor of the circle of life.

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