Astro*Oracle card for today is: House #7

Easy Astrology Oracle Card for Wed

Divination is a pure form of relationship with Spirit. And, in keeping with the form and intent of Ash Wednesday and a month of Sundays, on this day the Oracle card drawn is: House #7.

Don't you love just having somebody to talk to? The 7th House is where we meet others. It can be a hall of projections and shadows, or a vibrant court of participation.Here is where the individual meets with others and come into a balance of meeting his or her needs and the needs of another.

What do you see in the eyes of your lover? As a mirror of the soul, these eyes are a reflection of your innermost secrets. Today think about how you exist in relationship to all other people. And, examine your relationship with Mother Earth; her winds which express the breath of her caverns and mountains. Today, receive and return the sustenance of here waters; be grounded in the earth. And, find your inner fire to live in relationship with your world.

Key words: Marriage, participation, partnership, business, legal engagement, sharing, contracts, cooperation, relationship, balance.

The 7th house is ruled by Venus

The 7th House is ruled by the planet Venus. As a goddess of love and fecundity Venus is enamored with her own needs, yet she is lonely without a partner to adore her. The gold and green double diamond symbolizes her role as a partner in relationship in the 7th house. Yes, sometimes people make things difficult, but where would we be without them?

Take time today and reflect on your personal and professional relationships. Is there somebody you need to get in touch with? Reach out, today is a day to mend fences and build new bridges which will define and carry you into your fullness.

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