Astro*Oracle card for today – The MOON

La Luna - is she just wild and crazy?

In the mystery of the night we do our inner work.

The Moon always speaks to our emotional needs. What is your heart crying out for? Did you make a commitment today that you have mixed feelings about? I know I did. My head bought tickets to a concert, but my heart wants to stay home this evening and cook a nice meal with my daughter.  And, although our busy intellect may claim temporary victory, in the long run, heart wins the day.

As a mysterious creature of the night, the Moon is often busy and tangled, like the dark tree in this image. Our imagination is the fertile ground that nurtures creation.

The leaves, birds, and flowers reveal the potentiality of our dreams. Then, how do we manifest what we want? The first step is to gain clarity. Which flower or leaf do you want to pick? Choose one to make that little bird sing!

One way to work with the Moon in manifestation is to live within the growth of each lunar cycle which begins with the New Moon every month. At the time of New Moon, gently set your intention. Writing in a special journal is a good way to gain commitment from your wispy vision.

Claim small and large dreams for yourself; and choose one that you know you can complete for the time of Full Moon two weeks later. And then, let the magic work for your larger wishes.

Easy Astrology Oracle Card - combines images with key words

The Moon is also about family, home, and nurturing.  Plant a seed of love within the fertile ground of your family tree today.

Most of the pictures on my Easy Astrology Oracle Cards are original photographs combined with stock imagery. The Moon in this card is an actual photograph taken by Robert Stolpe in Hollywood Florida.

Want to understand astrology the EASY way – through relevant images combined with key words?

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