Astro*Time Line – October 1 – 14, 2011

The first quarter moon of October 3rd delivers a precise challenge of manifestation. What is it you need to create this month? Be clear and take decisive action. With the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Capricorn, both cardinal or action oriented signs, the best plan of action is to get a shovel and start digging. Remember that many diamonds lie still unearthed, awaiting discovery.

Tuesday the 4th is a triple threat when the Capricorn moon squares, or challenges Mercury, Saturn, and Venus. Fortune favors the bold.

Thursday the 6th, Mercury and Saturn join hands in Libra. Think of the word ‘commitment’, and think about how it best applies to your current situation.

Friday the 7th, the late Aquarius moon trines Venus and conjuncts Neptune in the early afternoon, followed by a gracious Venus trine Neptune.  Considering that Friday is also a day ruled by Venus, and that the Pisces moon harmonizes with both Venus and Neptune, this is an amazing day for serendipity, and I predict that some bright lights will find lasting love this evening.

Venus leaves Libra, the sign of her rulership, and enters Scorpio on Saturday the 8th. The Pisces moon is void of course from 10 AM (Pacific Time) Saturday until early Monday! So, if you didn’t meet Mr. or Ms. Wonderful on Friday, it probably won’t’ happen Saturday or Sunday. Never fear – the Pisces moon loves visiting museums and watching musical performances. This is a fabulous weekend to just chill.

Monday the 10th comes on like a tiger; start your week right by getting into a flow of productivity and be proactive. This begins the peak of Full Moon energy, which is exact at 7 PM Tuesday the 11th. The Sabian Symbol message for this 19 degree Aries Moon is: ‘a Magic Carpet.’ How fitting! Although Aries is an intensely personal sign, the quest here is to understand that much of what is happening now is very impersonal. It’s not really about YOU; it’s about the evolution of our earth and the Universe.

Thursday the 13th is another aspect packed day! Venus sextile Pluto in the early hours sets the tone for meaningful communication, and the Sun conjunct Saturn seals the deal. Also on this day, Mercury enters Scorpio, adding intensity to your speech. Avoid arguments now, because they can quickly turn for the worse, and the Sun/Saturn aspect insures longevity to any discord initiated today.

If you play your cards right, Venus opposite Jupiter on Friday the 14th will deliver a gift, but you have to participate in the outcome, not just show up and hope to collect. The Taurus moon enhances giving, and adds serenity to a peaceful aspect.