Best Place Report

Picture1Find Your Best Place for Love & Money in 2016

Your Astrological Chart reveals Locations on Earth that resonate specifically to YOU!


Hello Conscious Friend,

Some places activate your personal power, others help you find love, and there are special locations that help you attract money.

Did you know that there is a branch of astrology that actually shows WHERE you can activate the best potentials of your birth chart? Living in your best place helps you . . .

  • Helps you to see the world from a new perspective, which in turn opens up opportunities – because YOU ARE receptive to the new experiencestravel_suitcase_sm2
  • Being in the ‘right place’ sets you free, and empowers every aspect of your life
  • There is even a message in the places you wonder about –every place that speaks to you is a voice from deep in your own unconscious mind

London may be calling you, or is it NYC?  What do your stars say about Barcelona?

This is for you if…

  • You’re considering a move – but you think you just need to keep trying harder where you are, even though you haven't been happy there for years
  • You’re planning to travel – and want to choose the place that you really resonate with; a place where you love the people and they love you back
  • You want insight on a long distance relationship relationship – you met someone from far away, and it feels good, but you still want confirmation that this is what you think it isGet MORE INFORMATION HERE