Cancer New Moon – The Simple Truth

the truth of this Cancer new moon is simple
the truth of this Cancer new moon is simple

Any New Moon signals a fresh start, and this one is no exception. Although it’s a new beginning, today’s New Moon occurs in the 29th degree of Cancer.

The 29th degree of Cancer is also known as the ‘Millionaire’s Degree’.

This partly stems in part from the fact that Cancer is a sign that often masters how to hold on to money – giving them a step up in finances.

Whether or not you want to equate this new moon with money, it’s reasonable to align it with personal prosperity and comfort because today’s Cancer new moon is about awareness, balance, and personal magnetism.

This New Moon sits in opposition to the powerhouse Capricorn lineup of Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn.

Last week I spoke about how the opposition calls for awareness. Remember, the opposition teaches about negotiation, which in turn leads to not giving away your power. Both your money and your attention are containers of your power.

The asteroid Pallas Athena is also joined with Jupiter now, at 19/21 degrees of  Capricorn.

Pallas Athena taught the Greeks to negotiate peace over warfare. She deepens your wisdom and patience, both of which are called for in this cauldron of oppositions.

Also, all the planets also sit on one side of the zodiac – the side from Capricorn to Cancer with Mars and Chiron, in Aries as a focal point. This side of the zodiac relates to the idea of ‘sowing’ – having to be a self-starter and take the initiative.

Mars and Chiron are the pain points that drive you to make decisions; to get out of your comfort zone and make something happen.

Graciously, Neptune provides beauty to this lunation. Neptune in Pisces is sextile to Capricorn and trine to Cancer, both favorable aspects, and indeed becomes the peacemaker for this New Moon.

Neptune says ‘trust your vision’.

This New Moon feels complicated, but it’s really not because Neptune serves as a release valve to the tension. Connect with your heart space, take time to appreciate the beauty of nature, and count your blessings.

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