Star Cast for August 28 – Post Pisces Tidal Wave

post pisces
The road ahead is getting clearer every day; step forward and lead with your heart.

Finally, Mars stationed back to direct motion on Monday, August 27th.  Like a stealth warrior, Mars crept back into the late degrees of Capricorn in mid-August and stays there until September 10th.

Mars is exalted in Capricorn, where he gains both temperance and wisdom. With scrappy Mars now direct, things will slowly straighten out. The road ahead is getting clearer every day; step forward and lead with your heart.

I surely felt the Pisces full moon on Sunday, but (sigh) because of a 24 hour pouring rainstorm; I didn’t get a chance to see it! Like a tidal wave, the full moon delivered an overflow of emotion and pulled back the covers on those silly things we humans do to protect our vulnerable hearts.

Mars Has a Mission  

Next, in perfect timing, Mars gets his act together. Mars let his wishes be known last month when he aligned with the earth and the sun in late July. And, right after Mars aligned with the earth, he entered into a dynamic, active square to Uranus. Symbolically this is a wakeup call saying that it’s time to pay attention and respond to your inner urgings.

To understand how the energy of Mars impacts you for the remainder of this year, take a look at your natal chart and find where Aquarius and Pisces are.

And, find out where transiting Uranus sits in your birth chart because this is your pivot point of radical change. The house placement of early Taurus and late Aries reveals where you can bust out of lifetimes of stagnation.

Simple Keys to Understanding Your Chart

When looking at your chart to understand what the signs, planets, and houses want you to know-  think of the Houses as revealing WHERE, the Planets teaching you HOW, and the zodiac signs expressing WHAT and WHY.  

Until the end of 2018, the houses that hold Aquarius and Pisces tell you the issues that Mars is energizing. Mars wants to tell you where you’re best supported to take action to facilitate an everlasting personal transformation through grounded, refined energy.

Now he is helping you move forward with a plan of action. This last week of August has few major planetary aspects, the most notable being Mercury square Jupiter on Tuesday.

September is packed full of planetary aspects and other events. In the meantime, enjoy these last days of Venus in Libra- it’s a great time to appreciate art, dance, and the finer side of Life.

Be sure to get your September horoscopes, and, wishing you an amazing week!




P.S.  I’ve been getting great feedback on the Sky Log. The Sky Log is like a super in-depth horoscope with an accurate time line. It that tells you where the planets are today (transits) and explains how the transiting planets relate to the planets in your natal chart. It also lists your progressions which is a valuable technique that addresses your personal growth and evolution. Thank you for your kind words about the Sky Log, and I am delighted that it has helped so many!  

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Living in the Moment

Just like the sun stands still at Solstice, post Mercury retrograde brings a brief moment of calm.

This week imparts the flavor of post-Mercury retrograde peace. Just like the sun stands still at Solstice, this week Mercury is almost standing still. Although Mercury retrograde officially ended on Sunday he’s basically at a standstill until Wednesday, August 22nd.

So, if you’ve felt as though you’re in ‘wait and see’ mode, it’s because Mercury moves slowly post retrograde.

Mercury gets moving again by the end of this week, though.

Embracing Post-Mercury Retrograde

Even in post-Mercury retrograde there are few stressful planetary events this week. Rather, this a time to be present and relish the long lasting Jupiter/Neptune trine that will be in place until early September.

I especially love how the sunlight shifts this time of year. Right on cue with the changing of season, the sun enters Virgo on Thursday, August 23rd.  The sign of Virgo has long been associated with the harvesting of crops, but there is an even deeper meaning.

Symbolically, Virgo represents the time when humans move out of the childlike ego state and grow into Universal stewardship. When the sun is in Virgo, it’s time to evaluate how you fit into the grand scheme of life; and to polish your diamond so that you shine.

Harvesting Loose Ends

Virgo is a sign that focuses on ‘HOW’, and the Pisces full moon of August 26th illuminates all the reasons ‘WHY’.  At full moon, the circle is completed. Harvest the loose ends of your life and apply the alchemical magic of Mercury to create a unified field.

Key words for Virgo are: Refinement; Productivity; Wholeness; Transmutation; Integration

Although many astrologers suggest that Chiron should be the ruling planet of Virgo, Mercury is presently the planetary ruler. And, indeed, Mercury helps you to be present; to live in the moment.

Mercury also delivers information. Living in peace often comes with being in a place that you love.

One of the reasons I became interested in AstroCartoGraphy relocation astrology is that I needed answers to understand why my life had brought me to a place far away from my home. The AstroCartoGraphy Explained reports bring peace of mind to many people by offering insight about places you live or travel to.

You don’t have to move to benefit from ACG Explained reports. They give valuable information to help you understand what’s going on where you are NOW – in the moment. And, they give you a heads up, for better or worse, about any place you are considering to move or to visit.

I love all kinds of astrology, but AstroCartoGraphy has provided me with amazing insight, and I invite you to receive the benefit!

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A moment of grace and splendor

moon and venus conjunction
This week is less intense but stay tuned for a moon and Venus conjunction.

We have finally arrived at a time when the annual eclipses have passed. Although Mercury is retrograde until August 19th, this week is less intense on the astrological front. But stay tuned for a harmonious coupling with a moon and Venus conjunction.

As the moon increases in size, it’s time to prepare your fertile ground to seed and nurture new projects. Tuesday, August 14th delights us all with a beautiful moon and Venus conjunction.

You’ll be able to see the moon and Venus joined in the early evening sky. Look up, and make a wish. A moon and Venus conjunction, especially in Libra, is a magical, sweetheart combination that whispers about your dreams coming true.  

Venus stays in Libra until the new moon of September 9th, when she enters Scorpio. Libra is one of the signs of rulership for Venus (the other being Taurus). So for the rest of August think of Venus in Libra as the Queen visiting one of her favorite castles, and she’s more likely to grant your wishes when she’s happy.

Gift of Grace

There is another special planetary development happening this week. Jupiter and Neptune are moving into position to form an exact trine, which delivers the gift of grace.  I like to compare Jupiter and Neptune working together to the beautiful Light that you experience when visiting a cathedral. There is an aura of splendor as you see the rays of the sun shining down into a space devoted to worship.

Often you see an added array of colors from figures and patterns in stained glass adornments. This is Jupiter and Neptune working together at their finest.

With Jupiter and Neptune in harmony, the planets give us peace and connection with the spiritual world. But you have to be willing to step into the place of splendor and accept that grace is possible.  Jupiter and Neptune are moving into position all week for their exact trine on Sunday, August 19.

To get more details about how this will impact you, take a look at your natal chart and determine which houses contain the middle degrees of Pisces (Neptune) and Scorpio (Jupiter). This will give you insight on how this astrological event can bless your life.

Granted, there are many events happening in the world now that could steal your joy – if you let them. But you can always claim your own “headspace.” But  if you don’t do it, somebody or something else will. Claim your peace, and enjoy this special week – a moment of grace and splendor.


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Leo New Moon & the Solar Eclipse Yod

new moon eclipse yod
Neptune, Pluto, and the Sun, Moon, and Pallas Athena form a rare but special aspect called a “Yod.”

This week holds many treasures. Perhaps you are somewhat weary of eclipses, but we have one more to go: A New Moon solar eclipse on Saturday, August 11.  

There is something very special about this eclipse. Neptune, Pluto, and the Sun, Moon, and Pallas Athena form a rare but special aspect called a “Yod.”  Also known as ‘the Hand of God’ or, ‘Finger of Destiny, the Yod mandates that success comes only through spiritual solutions.

And, until spiritual answers are utilized, the Yod indicates that practical matters remain unbalanced and off kilter.  This makes a lot of sense in view of the world situation, and it surely comes as a breath of fresh air to all of you who already know this and practice it in your own lives.

Inner Work of the Hermit

Tarot associates the Yod with the ‘Hermit’ card. This teaches us that you must cultivate personal power, but also reach out to the world with your knowledge. You must do the inner work of the hermit and then plant your seeds so that knowledge may grow into wisdom.  As a hermit, you may be used to solitude, but your contribution makes the world a better place for everyone.

Obstacles encountered under the Yod are simply calling you to seek a better way forward. Collectively, we must adjust our thinking about power structures (Pluto in Capricorn). As citizens of the planet we must also understand how to heal (Neptune in Pisces).

The Sun, Moon, and Pallas Athena form the handle or power point of this Yod. This means that you must apply your wisdom (Pallas Athena). You also must unite your body and soul (Sun and Moon), take heart (Leo) and be ready for sustained action (fixed fire) to let your Light shine.

Reality Check

With Mercury square Jupiter on the 11th, this week’s eclipse marks a turning point. Mercury square Jupiter delivers a challenge to expand your consciousness. It’s time to unite your philosophical beliefs with your critical thinking skills. We have arrived at a point of re-evaluation and must respond.  

Mars now retrograde releases some of his pressure on Uranus, although these two planets will be exactly square again on September 18th. These two are working overtime to settle old, ancestral wounds. Ritual battles by alt-right and alt-left groups surely illustrate some of the worst possibilities of Mars and Uranus.

And, there are more notable celestial events to consider. August and the sun sign Leo is a time of extremes. In the northern hemispheres, August delivers the heat of summer. In the Southern hemisphere, August is the month when the winter finally abates. This is also when the light holds a glimmer of warmer days.  

Regardless of where you live, the fire energy of Leo distributes the essence of life force out to the world.

Wishing you a bright and hopeful week filled with inspiration and insight.

Maya White


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