Astro*Oracle 4Today – Finding Your Life Purpose

The North Node points us to our LIfe Purpose

The North Node in your astrological chart reveals a harmonic point of fulfillment. Many people still long for a way to identify their Life Purpose; that soul level mission that adds a reason for life on this earth.  Isn't it truly amazing that a mathematical point derived from the relationship of the Sun, Moon, and earth reveals our karmic life purpose.

There are two nodes, the North and South, and they always travel in direct opposition around the 360 degree wheel of the zodiac. The placement of the North node, by sign and house reveals our  mission – that which we came to learn. The South node, which looks like a cup, is a repository of our past – all that we know and find comfortable.

Vedic astrology illustrates the nodes as a dragon; the South node being the dragon's tail, and the North node the dragon's head. This Oracle Card image is that of the North node – the dragon's head. Here is a brief analysis of the lessons of the North node by sign.

If your North node is in Aries, your karmic mission is:
Taking care of yourself and responding to your inspirations. You must develop courage and learn to fight for what you believe in. You will be called to practice skills of political temperance, but you must do so in a manner that honors your truth.

If your North node is in Taurus, your karmic mission is:
Learn trust and practice generosity. You must balance the need for security with a fear of change. You are learning manifestation tempered with ethical practices.

If your North node is in Gemini, your karmic mission is:
Practice communication and sharing. You will learn to balance your words and actions. You are learning just how powerful words can be; and that you must fulfill the promises you make, ie, to ‘keep your word.'

If your North node is in Cancer, your karmic mission is:
Surrender to your need for home and family. You are learning about comfort and safety, and how to prioritize your loyalties. The values by which you gauge success need be know only to you.

If your North node is in Leo, your karmic mission is:
Own your personal power and surrender it to a noble cause. You may seek recognition, but you cannot ever really build a kingdom on it.

If your North node is in Virgo, your karmic mission is:
Purification. You are mastering the arts of health and detail. As a trouble shooter and ‘fixer', you are making things right while fulfilling the gift of the present.

If your North node is in Libra, your karmic mission is:
Trust in the power of relationship; both personal and professional. Partners are your teachers and you have come to fulfill or rectify past lifetime agreements.

If your North node is in Scorpio, your karmic mission is:
Channel the fire and Light of the Phoenix. You must overcome paralyzing fear and learn to take action, yet recognize self destruction and preserve your sanctity.

If your North node is in Sagittarius, your karmic mission is:
Seek the truth and follow your rainbow. Recognize, however, that Loyalty is your walking staff, and commitment is a meal upon which you can always rely upon.

If your North node is in Capricorn, your karmic mission is:
You deserve to have what you want and taking responsibility is the best way to get it. You are more than a sum total of your birth; your true birth right is grand and your mission is broad. Just don't take yourself so seriously.

If your North node is in Aquarius, your karmic mission is:
Know that ‘WE are all ONE.' Really, acting out does not make you special, and when ego gets in the way, the Universe steps up to remind you. You must temper personal will with Divine purpose and fulfill a social mission.

If your North node is in Pisces, your karmic mission is:
Surrender, let go and let GOD. You must do this while resisting the temptation to succumbing to darkness. Trust is your sword and faith is your shield.

With love and all blessings – MW




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Taurus Full Moon – Out with the Old

Taurus Full Moon - November 10, 2011 at 12:16 PM PT

Who can deny excitement with the powerful combination of synchronistic numerology and astrology that is delivered with this month’s Full Moon. Being of a Fixed quality, the Scorpio/Taurus axis is one of manifestation and stability. Although Taurus is traditionally a sign of comfort, the deeper message of this sign is – to move out of our comfort zones.

This was surely acted out in my dream this morning of standing on an ocean front dock, and jumping into the cold sea water. As I stood outside of my body, in the dream state, I was at first shocked that I had moved so quickly to jump into the freezing water; I was even more amazed that it was actually not that cold and I was enjoying the swim.

Taurus loves predictability; however, this Taurus moon brings us to a jumping off place. The light of this Taurus moon will break up old negative habits, and assist you in grounding new positive ones.  The balance of 11/11 is fully manifested by moving forward, not just grazing in the lush field of flowers. Furthermore, the message of this day is to make choices. We learn to appreciate beauty over possessions, pleasure over compulsive control.

Honor this time of Emergence and risking change without fear.

Wishing you peace, balance, and grace manifested through the glimmering lights of a multicolored rainbow.


In This Month of Depth

Transformation is Good for the Soul!

Welcome to Scorpio and the month of depth. One of the best ways to understand the sign of Scorpio and it’s correlation to the 8th house is to think about the circle of life, death, and regeneration.  Next, the individual utilizes this energy, manifesting a life of goodness, negativity, or indifference. And, when the days come to a close, the form of life energy is again transformed into earth and ashes. Finally, the Phoenix again rises into a new transmutation.

Scorpio and the 8th house also rules ‘goods of the dead’, with legacies also part of this cycle. And, with the 8th being a house of mediumship, so is communication with those in the spirit realm.  So, what is a kind Scorpio native to do?

Pulsing beneath the mysterious energy of Scorpio is a ring of fire; Uranus in Aries, Mercury and Venus in Sagittarius and Mars in Leo now provide motivation while Jupiter and Pluto in earthy Taurus/Capricorn provide form to this nexus.

May the fiery trine fuel your faith as the earth signs provide you with calm sustenance; and the watery world of Scorpio take you to the place of your inner truth. Smile, and enjoy the mystery.


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Aries Full Moon – Diamond Light

The Aries Full Moon is October 11 at 7:06 PM PDT

The Full Moon Is always a time of culmination and this Aries moon comes into focus through the lens of Mars and Venus, the archetypal lovers. Mars, as expressed through the sign of Aries is our energetic and egotistical drive; Venus articulated in the sign of Libra is our desire to please others. Aries is personal; Libra is relatively impersonal.

Aries is also about ego, and finding a healthy way of being in the world. A good place to start is by recognizing the role your sense of self plays in your everyday life. The Sanskrit term for this sense of Self, or feeling of ‘I Am’ is Ahamkāra: the part of your consciousness that is self-aware and deals with wants and desires. It is also referred to as the ego. Although ego has negative connotations when expressed as a desire for personal glory, ego also serves a vital function of preservation. The secret lies in finding a healthy balance, as expressed by the sun sign Libra.

One way to understand and manage the ahamkāra is to practice detachment, which implies a breaking away from or renouncing of needs and desires. However, the true path is that of nonattachment—the idea of not clinging to things or emotions. Instead of rejecting or turning away from the outside world, you are not letting yourself get distracted or upset by it. Power is gained by opening to one's feelings and thoughts—being more fully aware of them rather than denying them. With this step comes acknowledgment of – that which you resist, persists.

True ego is permanent, steadfast, and calm. With this full moon in Aries, find that part of you that is unmoved by desire, and feel into any inner resistances. Connect with your eternal essence; the part of you that, like a diamond, can cut anything, and is itself uncuttable. This is your Light, and where you will always shine.