Full Moon Muse * Did Your Message Arrive?

Full Moon in Pisces – Ghostbuster

Pisces  opens the fine veil between the manifest world and the spiritual realm, and if you are ready and willing, you can expect to receive spiritual messages and inspiration as this Full Moon peaks. I have shared some of my personal experiences on my web site, under the heading, We Have All Entertained Angels.

If you pay attention, your divine message will also arrive in perfect time. The delivery method of the message may surprise you, but, if you move beyond your disbelief or skepticism, there is important information that awaits. Also, dreams are heightened now.

Although Pisces is an astrological sign of self sacrifice and introspection, I have found that some of the most powerful people I know are born under Pisces. These are individuals who have surrendered to their Higher mission, and they courageously offer their lives to service without hesitation.

There is a difference between honoring the past and lingering in a negative morass of memories. The dark side of Pisces is encumbered by seaweed like tentacles of Neptune; underwater and longing for air, man surrenders to all that is beyond his control.

Wishing you all the blessings of insight and the gift of strength with the amazing Full Moon.


New Moon in Virgo – the Goddess arrives

The Virgo New Moon of August 28th moves in with subtle grace. Just as her namesake, the virgin, this lunation comes with promises of fertility and flow. The earth signs have ‘it' now. With Jupiter luxuriating in the folds of calm Taurus, and Pluto in dynamic Capricorn, this New Moon initiates the flow of a grand earth trine which can calm even the most edgy soul. The secret is – just let it be.

Anyone who really knows a Virgo is acquainted with their unique nature. Virgo's are known for their discernment; this manifests in eating habits, the way they dress, and even their thoughts. Virgo's are often a bit nervous, and suffer sensitive digestion. Remember, Virgo is ruled by the planet of constant motion, Mercury.

The Virgo lunation is our time to use the gifts of Mercury and analyze where you stand, and lay a claim to where you want to go. Virgo's constant analysis can de-evolve into paralyzing perfectionism if you let it. The secret here is to claim the support of Jupiter and the unerring instincts of  Pluto. Transform tension into determination. Even Venus is in Virgo now.

Virgo the virgin is not chaste; rather she is beholden to only her own dreams. Huna, the teaching of the Hawaiian shamanic tradition teaches that a human is a complex arrangement of 3 core parts; the High Self, the Middle Self, and the Lower, or Child Self. When the 3 core Selves are in peaceful communication and agreement, the human lives in a state of empowerment and peace.

This season of Virgo is a time for us all to communicate with all of our core Selves, and manifest heaven on earth. You must be  willing to speak your truth. And most importantly, you must also be able to listen.

Good News 2012

Uranus energy moves like a lightening storm over water, stirring up chaos but also change!

Today is a perfect day and let it serve as a reminder that Light is illuminated by it's opposite – darkness. This is a week of astrological extremes. On Tuesday, unruly Uranus and angry Mars face off; this brings about an easy excuse for out of control behavior. And, on Wednesday, Mars moves into a direct face-off, or opposition to Pluto. This is a test of will and strength (Mars)  through confrontation to the powers that be (Pluto.)

Mars is a tribal warrior, and he is best served by establishing a dynamic, goal oriented mission

You will see and feel this energy everywhere; in the news, and perhaps in your personal lives. The astrology of this week sets up a perfect excuse for road rage. Instead, use this dynamic energy to fuel your commitment to personal growth and maintaining a positive vibration.

It IS true – it's all about YOU, and how you hold your energy. Remember, it's becoming about US – and claiming our right to joy and self determination. We are becoming free, but must first confront and clear a heritage of ancestral bondage. Mars, Pluto, and Uranus seem to bring chaos, but they are serving us well.

Activate your Mars this week, and order him to serve you in a positive and fulfilling direction. Listen to the high calling or Uranus – he is saying that you can be free. The darkest hour is before the dawn – and you can choose to turn on your brightest Light.

Roundabout with Mercury Retrograde

Easy Astrology Oracle Card - Mercury will be retrograde August 2 - 26

Coming soon to your neighborhood – Mercury, the trickster planet begins its apparent backward motion. This happens usually 3 times per year, and lasts about 3 weeks each time. The fun begins on Tuesday, August 2nd, and lasts until Friday the 26th.

As the only mythological character able to visit the underworld and return, Mercury is a singular guide. He/she is gender neutral, and also functions as a coyote trickster. Generally speaking , Mercury has no conscience! He delivers the message but does not judge.

This time around, Mercury stands still (or stations) in the 1st degree of Virgo, and retrogrades back into Leo. Here are ways this Mercury retrograde may affect you:

Aries/Libra sun or rising: You will be asked to tend to unfinished business regardng your children or your professional associates. Plans made last April require adjustment or may even be delayed. Trust that there is a good reason for this. You must make good on a promise made in your past. You're not going to get off the hook, so, might as well just take the bait and enjoy it.

Taurus/Scorpio sun or rising: This is a valuable time period, use it wisely. You are quietly gathering provisions for a long journey into your future. Examine every part of your life for vulnerabilities, be they financial, personal, or professional. Plug any gaps in security; by careful attention to creating a smooth finish, you move ahead freely without unnecessary snags.

Gemini/Sagittarius sun or rising: Work to quell your inner anxiety. The mind races, and so does the pace of your life. You are beset with errands an relieve tension through mindless conversation.  Some of you will buckle down and finish that book or screenplay that has been percolating for so long; others will succumb to the tension. Adding to the mix is that feeling that everybody is watching; they are!

Cancer/Capricorn sun or rising: Security, money, and finances require extra attention. It's best to consult professionals regarding inheritances or tax related issues. Money is just green energy – honor it, and give it a proper place in your life. This is an excellent time to work on your subconscious patterns around prosperity. Repeat: ‘I am a money magnet and I deserve all good things to come my way!'

Leo/Aquarius sun or rising: A chance encounter opens the door to your future. Use this time to get into tip top shape, and then show the world just how good you are. Just when you feel like staying home – that is the time to push the envelope and open doors. The sun is in Leo, remember; and Venus, too. Get out, circulate, meet and greet – even when you'd rather stay incognito.

Virgo/Pisecs sun or rising: Unlike Leo or Aquarius – you DO need the rest. Heal thyself. Renew and revive your inner sanctum. There is a dear part of you that has been lost in day to day demands; this is your time to reviatlize your core energetic essence. Good food, herbs, soft music and good times with friends are your healing prescripton. And, oh yeah, a bit of wine works fine.