Summer Solstice – When the Earth Stands Still

Easy Astrology Oracle Card - The Sun

Today we celebrate Summer Solstice. The word ‘solstice' actually means ‘sun + standing still'. Solstice is  the day when our earth reaches its point of maximum tilt towards, or, away from  the sun, (depending on which hemishpere you live in). When this happens, the daily north/south progression of the sun appears to stand still for a few days before it changes and resumes its north/south journey.

Regardless of where you live, today is a special day that marks a change of seasons on earth. As we move towards life in accordance with nature and our environment, the Solstice marks a time for evaluation of where you stand. Since ancient times, Midsummers' eve is celebrated as a day that honors the defeat of darkness by the vitality of the Sun. It is also a time to partake of  fertility and enjoy the ease of  life.

Do something special today in celebration of the Solstice! Take a risk and defeat your own dark places; even if it's only one small step at a time. Illuminate pockets of inner joy, and the Sun will light the way to your success. And, most importantly – take time to embrace the richness of who you are and what you have.

If you look closely at the Easy Astrology Oracle Card  for the Sun, you will see that  housed within this image are a multitude of faces; the 108 faces of God. This card represents all of humanity and our drive for self expression and actualization; our illumination. The faces all look to the center, a place of genesis. Just like rays of the sun, each human is a unique expresson of a common source. We may have different cultures and religions, but, we are all ONE.

Wishing you the freedom and blessings of many warm and joyous days.

Happy Solstice!

Oprah – The Perfect Exit


She encourages us all to follow our own rainbows

Did Oprah Winfrey use astrolgy to schedule the last day of her successful 25 year show? I have been told (by those who profess to know) that Oprah does not ‘believe in' astrology. Whether or not she would choose to add the wisdom of the ages to her fountain of belief – she chose the perfect day to end her show, yet insure that she and her legacy lives on.

Wednesday, May 25th offered up a delectable array of astrological transits for a graceful exit. The Sun in Gemini is a perfect fit for talk shows and hosts as well as dual projects; plus, she has already transitioned into phase II of her projects. And, the Moon in Pisces is the perfect sign for endings of all kinds. As the last sign of the natural zodiac, Pisecs signals completion and closure. Pisces is also an emotional water sign, and her farewell messages were both sincere and heartfelt.

The Pisces moon was further enhanced by being in the waning phase of the lunation cycle; the last quarter moon signals a time of  ‘Crisis in Consciousness.' So, this Pisces moon that lies within the auspices of the third quarter phase of the moon perfectly aligns with the energy of leaving, but doing so with a transmission of wisdom; Oprah has left us with much to think about.

In astrology, the Moon unveils our emotional or unconscious motivations, but it is the Sun sign that lights the way. And, again,

A New Day

Oprah intuited  impeccable timing. On May 25th the Gemini Sun  formed a favorable trine aspect to her natal Venus and Sun in Aquarius. This all bodes well in her natal chart and reveals that one ending is truly the opportunity for a grand opening of another door. And, astrology reveals that the new room which she enters holds delights of creativity, and best of all – freedom.

Did Oprah use the services of an astrologer to determine the best day to end her show? Probably not – but had she done so, the day that she and her fates  landed upon was the perfect fit. Bravo to a great soul.

Starting Over – the New Moon

You can consciously live your life in accordance with the lunar cycles. Today brings us to the time of New Moon. And, just as the moon changes shape and size in the sky, each month we can tune into the cosmic reset button and start over. The New Moon for today is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus.

Taurus is about manifestation and substance. Depending on your Sun or rising sign, you can use this information to assist you in the following ways:

Taurus or Scorpio /Sun or Rising: This month is up close and personal. Use this New Moon to set an intention for your physical well being. You need to feel good in order to look good. As you increase your stamina and vitality, other people will respond in kind.

Gemini or Sagittarius / Sun or Rising: This month is your time of depth. Some situations will be coming to an end, as others step in to replace what is worn out. You must examine your motives and take time for reflection. The question is: what is the price you must pay, and are you willing to do so?

Cancer or Capricorn/ Sun or Rising: Make this a time of social interaction and connection. Meet and greet; get out as much as possible. You are looking for your ‘birds of a feather'; and it is your mission to find them. This is an excellent month for workshops and classes. If you want to be a writer – the time is NOW.

Leo or Aquarius / Sun or Rising: Take heart! If you find that your heart is hiding beneath layers of obligation and responsiblity, now is your time to initiate some new ground rules. This is you month to lay the new foundation for your future. Some of you will move, sothers will re-arange the furniture, and some of you will change your lives.

Virgo or Pisces / Sun or Rising: New information is what this month is all about. Some arrives through your own efforts, other news lands on your doorstep unannounced. Your mission is to gather it, and evaluate the impact it has on your life.

Libra or Aries / Sun or Rising: You can make significant financial gains this month. It's time to DO the things you have been thinking about for so long. May presents significant good fortune, so, use this month to go with the flow, and get busy. Money is a good thing, and it can make your life better!

Pisces Moon – Vestige or Vision?

The Moon Unlocks Many Mysteries

The moon in Pisces today  is serving you a delicious feast of inner healing.  Some will seek their visions through intoxicaton, others through communion; wherever you search takes you, know that the veil between the world is gossamer thin tonight, and the world of Spirit awaits your call.

The moon changes signs every 2 1/2 days, and throughout one month, will spend time in each sign of the zodiac. As the Moon processes through each sign, the powerful lunar vibrations influence all life on earth. You need only look at the ocean tides to remember just how powerful the Moon is on our natural tendencies.

Today the Moon lingers in the soft watery sign of Pisces. Softness can be kind, but it can also nurture negativity through lack of definition. Noted as one of the more psychic signs, the Pisces moon is a time when your intuituion is heightened. So, this is a perfect day to dig deeply into your vibratory well and figure some things out.

We always have a choice between darkness and light. The dark path of Pisces will lead you to vestiges of the past – traces of ghostly remnants which no longer serve you. The Piscean path of Light opens the door to your highest vision and spiritual connecton.

The mystical realm of Spirit and all of its agents of guidance are eagerly awaiting your call. Use the soft energy of this fine day to meet with your Spirit Guides. Fairies and angels; teachers and talking animals – they are calling you NOW!