Rupert Murdoch – Death of a Dynasty

The Sky is Falling

Rupert Murdoch's natal chart does not necessarily keynote his power or his fame; but it does clearly illustrate his fall and notoriety. Murdoch is now in the throes of a perfect storm which is a swirling combination of planetary aspects and life decisions dictated by his own conscience.

Astro*Oracle Neptune is the planet of secrets

Remember the Full Moon lunar eclipse of June 14th? One need only look at the placement of Murdoch's  natal moon – 24 Sagittarius, the exact degree of June's eclipse. Arguably, this alone  is not a prescription for a downfall. Donald Trump, with his sun and north node at 24 Gemini and moon and south node at  20 Sagittarius was equally impacted by this eclipse. Mr. Trump may be guilty of financial manipulation and even subject to discipline from the hair police  – but he's a survivor. Murdoch is going down.

The planet Neptune reveals our longings. In his natal chart, Murdoch has Neptune placed in the 9th house of publishing. Neptune also unveils our secrets; and unfortunately, the secrets of his publishing dynasty have been breached. Remember, we always have free will choice. As his progressed Mars squares his natal moon, the inner sanctum of information gathering has been compromised.

Astro*Oracle Pluto, ruler of Scorpio lives in his ice cave with his black heart

Next – he is subject to the bummer of his progressed moon. In June, Murdoch's progressed moon entered the critical 29th degree of Scorpio. The 29th degree of any sign is when and where the final lessons of the sign will be revealed. Although Saturn and Capricorn have connotations with the grim reaper, Scorpio is the sign that buries the dead. Whistleblower Sean Hoare sacrificed his life to reveal the truth; surely there is a special place in the afterworld for heroes.

And, of course, saving the best for last – Murdoch's ascendant in early Capricorn has been subject to a visit by Pluto. Regardless of recent pop anti -astrology misinformation, astrologers know two things for sure: 1) there are still only 12 sun signs and, 2) Pluto still functions as a planet. Pluto transits bring about great transformations;  if you don't die, sometimes you wish you had, and other times,  you just have to pay your dues.

The bottom line is, we reap what we sow. Surely the suspicious death of Sean Hoare steepens the climb to redemption. What the public needs now is a final act of journalistic heroism.  Murdoch was powerful enough to build a dynasty of influence and wealth. Is he strong enough to tell the truth?

*Birth data: March 11, 1931, 11:52 PM, Melbourne, Australia (Astro Data Bank)

R_Murdoch_Landscape Euro 2       (see natal chart here)

Moon in Pisces, Sun and Venus in Cancer – Waterworld

Cancer is a prime, action taking water sign

Today is a day of water; drink it and surrender to the embrace of your emotional body. With both the sun and Venus in the strategic water sign of Cancer, this is a prime day to connect with your emotions. Venus in Cancer is naturally sensuous. This Venus  lounges by the pool with a peach daiquiri and an army of minions; she longs for admiration, yet she has so much to give. She relaxes, and settles into her emotional body.

Pisces is a mutable, adjustable water sign

The moon traveling through soft, mutable Pisces lifts the veils of our every day perceptions and opens a doorway to the world of vibration. Ahhh, it's the perfect day to spend at the beach, feeling the wind and listening to the rolling waves. Engage your senses today; the subtle world has much to share with you.

Listen to the birds, read the signs in nature, and most of all – connect with feelings. There are many messages about today, but you must relax into the space between the worlds. Your questions will be answered, but first you must ask.

Astro*Ecology – Living in Accordance With the Natural World

Anyone can learn the basics of astrology quickly and easily!

How does some obscure manifestation millions of miles away have an effect on our lives here on earth? Perhaps it all goes back to the ‘big bang' – that  moment of expansion that must have inevitably followed a dynamic coalescence. The term ‘dynamic' is key, as we unquestionably live in an ever-changing world.

Astro*Ecology, or living in accordance with astrology, is one way to make your life a symbolic expression of the natural world.  Just as you would want to know that the approach of summer  brings a corresponding dry spell to the landscape, you will only benefit by advance knowledge of your personal astrological profile.

This is Astro*Ecology, and you can also apply it to your daily life. Each day of the week has a corresponding planet. Plants, animals, nations, and even cities all have relative astrologcial coordinates.Knowledge of the intimate, inner workings of your environment benefits you by developing a resonance that grants a corresponding ease of life.  It's similar to knowing the CEO of the company you want to contact for business; you gain entry more quickly, and get what you want.

Learning about astrology in general, and then identifying specifics such as those listed will facilitate your experience of flow in the river of life. The bottom line – astrology provides a nomenclature for this mysterious and symbolic world in which we live. Here is a list of basic correspondences:

Monday = Moon   /   Tuesday = Mars   /  Wednesday = Mercury
Thursday = Jupiter   / Friday = Venus  / Saturday = Saturn  / Sunday = Sun

Sun = Calendula, St. Johns wort, dragons blood  /  Moon = Cucumber, pears, kudzu
Mercury = Lavendar, dill, mulberry  /  Venus = Ladymantle, yarrow, rose
Mars = Thistle, garlic, pine  /  Jupiter = Fig, guava, maple
Saturn = Arnica, horsetail, olive and oak   /  Uranus = Coffee, pokeweed, belladonna
Neptune = Kelp, fishes, morning glory   /  Pluto = Birch, narcissus, myrrh

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Summer Solstice – When the Earth Stands Still

Easy Astrology Oracle Card - The Sun

Today we celebrate Summer Solstice. The word ‘solstice' actually means ‘sun + standing still'. Solstice is  the day when our earth reaches its point of maximum tilt towards, or, away from  the sun, (depending on which hemishpere you live in). When this happens, the daily north/south progression of the sun appears to stand still for a few days before it changes and resumes its north/south journey.

Regardless of where you live, today is a special day that marks a change of seasons on earth. As we move towards life in accordance with nature and our environment, the Solstice marks a time for evaluation of where you stand. Since ancient times, Midsummers' eve is celebrated as a day that honors the defeat of darkness by the vitality of the Sun. It is also a time to partake of  fertility and enjoy the ease of  life.

Do something special today in celebration of the Solstice! Take a risk and defeat your own dark places; even if it's only one small step at a time. Illuminate pockets of inner joy, and the Sun will light the way to your success. And, most importantly – take time to embrace the richness of who you are and what you have.

If you look closely at the Easy Astrology Oracle Card  for the Sun, you will see that  housed within this image are a multitude of faces; the 108 faces of God. This card represents all of humanity and our drive for self expression and actualization; our illumination. The faces all look to the center, a place of genesis. Just like rays of the sun, each human is a unique expresson of a common source. We may have different cultures and religions, but, we are all ONE.

Wishing you the freedom and blessings of many warm and joyous days.

Happy Solstice!