Scorpio New Moon: Coming Back to Your Body

new moon scorpio
This Scorpio New Moon is a time to come back to your body.

As we approach the Scorpio New Moon my key phrase for this week is: Welcome Home

Today, November 6,  is a pivotal day for the world, and tomorrow, November 7th, is a vital day in astrology. On Wednesday, the Sun and Moon join forces in the exact middle at 15 degrees of Scorpio.

This degree of Scorpio holds a special place in the history of sky watching. The 15th degree of Scorpio is known as the Gate of the Avatar. Taken from an ancient Hindu term related to the word ‘descent’, an Avatar is an enlightened Teacher who enters, or descends to the earth plane. The Avatar is an embodiment of a prime, creative Universal force.

Entering the vortex

And the Avatar Gate is a vortex, a point of entry where enlightened service manifests. 

These days we all are waking up to fulfill our unique divine purpose. The Avatar Gate serves not only spiritual Masters. It is a manifestation point for YOU and your spiritual work and mission.  

In short, the Scorpio new moon signals that it’s time to inhabit your body in the most full and creative way possible. It’s time to come home and do your work in the world.

The Book of Scorpio

Scorpio gives birth to irrevocable change and teaches us that:

  • Forces can change but not destroy you
  • Negativity is a self-destructive path
  • The desire to share overcomes the fear of loss
  • Passion is a driving emotion
  • Intuition is a form of body wisdom

And, the most important lesson of all: 

LOVE is more powerful than HATE

We have been stressed and under pressure all year. Just like when a baby is born, their cries can persist until the point you feel you cannot go on. In other words, you may feel absolute discomfort and at the same time a promise of fulfillment. What is coming will be a better version of what is left behind.

So, this week’s powerful new moon is one that speaks to rebirth and just like a little baby we can see the world with bright and fresh eyes.

Welcome Home, child.

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Libra New Moon

Goddess Maat moves you from chaos to certainty

My key phrase for this week is: Peace of Mind

Today, October 8th ushers in the Libra New Moon. Libra is the sign of relationships, but it's also the sign of justice.

The glyph or symbol for Libra is a set of scales. Connected through ancient teachings to the Goddess Maat, the scales of Libra are there to weigh the burdens of your heart.

Ancient Egyptians taught us that Goddess Maat brought order from chaos at the moment of creation. She regulates the stars and the seasons, and that she calibrates your actions.

As you tune into this Libra new moon energy this week, remember the goddess Maat and consider that it’s time release your mental burdens.

The challenge of Libra is to make a solid commitment – no halfway steps. So, you must really, really let go of resentment and anger. And, take a look at the role that doubt plays in your life.

Doubt implies the dread of uncertainty, and being of two minds. Being unable to make a decision is also symbolized by the scales of Libra. Should I stay or should I go? Which is the best way forward?

The answer is: You must take action and overcome the fear of making mistakes. Mistakes are one way that we all grow, and the paralysis of two minds is a veil over the Light of God.

Spiritual truth is beyond human logic, and you must simply jump in and run a good race. Your mind can get to the starting gate, but you cannot allow your thoughts to keep you spinning in circles, frozen in time and space.

There are many layers and levels of mind. To function in the world, we must connect with logic, which is a layer of the conscious mind. But you also have a subconscious mind which rules habits and life functions that keep you safe.

Unfortunately, the subconscious mind can also keep you stuck.

And, you also have a Higher Mind, a part of yourself that connects to wisdom. Through meditation and/or calming your logical mind, you can always connect with your Higher Mind for guidance to navigate any situation.

Libra is an air sign, and it corresponds to your mental processes. In this season of Libra, learn to understand your mind. Practice positive thinking, create beneficial habits, and release you mental burdens.

Wishing you joy and peace for this Libra new moon.

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Venus Retrograde & Your Deep Dive

Venus is retrograde in Scorpio from October 5th – November 15.

My key words for this week are: Deep Dive

The big news for this week is that Venus will be retrograde from Friday, October 5th until November 16th. All planets except for the Sun and the Moon go retrograde- and, as you probably know by now, the planet does not actually begin to go backwards; rather it appears to be that way from the earth.

The retrograde cycle for any planet is a time to revisit, review, refine, and reconnect. In the language of karmic astrology, retrograde time periods are also when we dig into our past lifetime patterns and correct mistakes.

Each planet is a teacher, and to understand the cosmic message, you have to think about what the planet has for us to learn. The Venus retrograde mission for your soul is to move past resentment and reveal a fresh new start.

The core lesson of Venus is ‘VALUE’ – these are the things we hold dear such as relationship and money, stability, connection, and flow. And, the message for Venus retrograde in Scorpio is to uncover our own discontent and learn to love the parts of yourself that we have either buried or cast aside. In short, it’s a time to declare your love of self. Such a powerful mission!

Self-Love is an inside job done day by day and minute by minute. You heal your past failures, confront the times when you were rejected, and claim personal love. When this pain is healed you are able to connect with the world in a Scorpio / 8th house fashion where you own your power and express your creativity.

But, as taught by the ancients through the journey of Inanna, the meat of Venus retrograde is that of going into the Underworld. Venus is about beauty, but like the Lotus blossom, even the goddess must dig into the mud where she gets nourishment to feed her beautiful flower.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

In addition to the big picture of Venus retrograde, on Tuesday, Mercury square Pluto adds a sense of urgency to your mission. Mercury and Pluto, ironically the first and last planets in the traditional line up of the Solar System, are good bedfellows – they understand each other.

If you need to have an important conversation, Tuesday afternoon or evening is the time to do it because Mercury square Pluto engenders discussion that reveals hidden psychological issues, and this can transform your life.

Mars is still standing guard in Aquarius until mid-November. Mars in Aquarius is your time to stand firm and reveal your humanitarian mission.

In Aquarius, Mars also gives permission to march to the beat of your own drummer – it's time to let your freak flag fly. Move past what other people think – this includes judgmental family members, ex-spouses, and old friends that need to be left behind.

Plus, Jupiter is now rapidly moving through the last degrees of Scorpio. Jupiter remains in Scorpio until November 7th, and there are still many pearls and underwater treasures to be harvested; so keep up the good work.

Use this rich time in October to Dive Deep, go into your heart, heal you soul, claim what you truly value, and fully live your Truth.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the Stars.

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Mars Square Uranus – Time to Get Going

Every evening you can see the moon growing larger in the sky. We are now at first quarter phase in the lunation cycle, and the key phrase for this phase is: Crisis in Consciousness. This can mean many different things, but the core issue winds down to taking action. And, we begin the week with the moon in Capricorn, a sign that is all about taking action.

The growing moon is leading up to the Aries full moon in one week, on Monday, September 24th. Remember, Aries is a sign of new beginnings, so pitch in this week to set a standard of success.

By full moon, many of the planets will be in the early degrees of their respective signs; Venus in early Scorpio, Mercury at 2 degrees of Libra, Mars in early Aquarius, and Saturn at 2 degrees Capricorn, and even Uranus at 1 degree of Taurus. Surely, this is a planetary journey of new beginnings, so collectively we are breaking new ground in the month ahead. And, personally, it’s likely that each individual will be facing some aspect of having to start anew.

This week two of the most action oriented planets, Mars and Uranus, jockey into position to light a motivational fire. Mars and Uranus move into an exact square aspect on Tuesday, September 18. These two have been partner dancing into this aspect for quite some time. But there is one caveat here – you must still apply your will power to reap full advantage of this planetary aspect.

Mars, now direct, is traveling through Aquarius – a fixed air sign. Mars in Aquarius is stubborn and even fierce in his opinions. However, in an air sign, even Mars can get wrapped up in too much thought.

Hopefully Uranus, now in Taurus can light an everlasting spark in Mars. Taurus is also a fixed sign; fixed earth.

So, we have two dynamic planets both in fixed signs. Think of the fixed signs like freight trains – slow to get moving, but once in motion, they keep going.  Translated, this means, it’s going to be a bit difficult to get going, and you have to get out of your ‘head’, but once you do, you are unstoppable

Remember, the sun is now in Virgo, a sign of diligent work with practical results. Mars and Uranus are busy this week helping you get the job done.

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