Stunning Style Variations

demo image

Bundled with an array of six uniquely designed and beautiful style variations.

A selection of light and dark variations are available, 3 of each, which broadens the range of use of Dominion.

An important aspect of any Gantry driven RocketTheme template is the ability to change the level of the style variation, mainly the background and body levels. These come in combinations of High, Med, and Low; making Dominion suitable for both conservative and complex sites with just a flick of a switch.

Remember, you can combine different levels such as the high background level with the low body level if you wish. Although, it is best to keep the background and body settings to the same level

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Advanced Menu System

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A mootools driven Fusion Menu brings possibilities like nothing before.

We've included also an reliable Suckerfish menu for Internet Explorer 6

All menu options are controlled inside the widget interface located at Admin → Appearance → Widgets → Gantry Menu. Here you can specific which options you want to use, and if applicable, various other options such as transition type.

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Happy Birthday Wilhelm Reich

Uranus is the planet of genius and sudden change

Wilhelm Reich was a true pioneer who combined science and mysticism. He was born March 24, 1897. Reich is notably remembered as the man who invented the “orgone” theory of energy. He died in prison, a victim of persecution from the US government.

Influenced by the teachings of Rudolph Steiner, Reich was jailed for his theories regarding sexuality and the transmutation of energy. He was truly a man OF his times, not really ahead of them, although only today are his theories entering into mainstream acceptance.

His death in a Federal prison on November 3, 1957, was just days before he would have been released on parole. There is some suspicion surrounding his death. Regardless of the circumstances, he like his comtemporary Nikola Tesla, died a broken man who was persecuted for his brilliance.

Reich spent many years at his home in Rangely, Maine, a place he called the ‘Organon.' I have been there twice; and both time had very strange things happen to my CAR! Eash time my car very mysteriously ‘died' as I arrived at the parking lot. The car  just quit running and would not start again for several hours. To have this happen once is understandabale, but twice, I find unusual. Somehow, his energy work must live on in the energies of his old home.

This post  links to to more information on Wilhelm Reich as well as Steiner and Tesla.  I think they are all  heros and genuises. Each handled his challenge and gift differently; even perhaps touching into mental illness.

But they all faced the challenge of Uranus successfully, which is to respond to that internal voice which speaks a  language that is understood only in the inner recesses of one's own calling. Like the Oracle Card for Uranus which illustrates the  energy of electricity combined with the compelling force of a hurricane, Wilhelm Reich was a hero who heeded the calling of his own soul.

Venus square Pluto – Obesssion Dance

Venus- the Object of Our Affection

Today's major astrological aspect is Venus square Pluto. In mythology, the lord of the Underworld is remembered for his abrupt technique in drafting a wife – he reached his powerful hand up and abducted a young maiden from a field of flowers.

Today the maiden makes her break from the obsessive hold of Pluto's dominion.

Generally anytime Venus and Pluto dance it brings up issues of fated love, obsession, and the need to find a path of truth and integrity.

Venus in Aries is not so focused on being sexy – but she is independent.

Pluto - Wants to Control Her

Pluto is associated with power and control. Today is the day to examine who is running the show of your reality. It is YOU, or an interfering other?

Examine your relationships; those fueled by love, and those powered by a source you can feel but cannot name. Perhaps you are breaking free of old lingering wounds to your inner child.

Or, dramatically, perhaps it is time to change the rules on the game plan of your exterior life.