Astro*Oracle card for today is: 8th HOUSE

Easy Astrology Oracle Card- 8th House

This post is dedicated to animal trainer Dawn Brancheau and Tilikum the killer whale who ended Dawn's life on earth this week.

The 8th house is one of the most mysterious and difficult to understand. At least, speaking for myself, it has taken me years to grasp the significance of this arena of shared resources and even so called ‘goods of the dead.'

The first key to understanding the 8th house is through recognition that it naturally follows the 7th house of relationships. The 8th then becomes the fruitfulness or productivity of any given partnership. Here, we also strengthen psychic bonds and experience the physicality of group integration.

The 8th house also rules legacies – that which survives the individual after his or her passing. Perhaps there is a chance that Dawn Brancheau's legacy will be for giant Tilikum to be released into a marine wildlife sanctuary where he lives as nature intended. It's impossible to overlook the fact that such an animal deserves compassion for time served as a pawn of a corporate entertainment  business.

THe 8th House Corresponds to the Planet Pluto, and Functions Through Transformation

As a house ruling deep vital choices that affect  individuals as well as society as a whole, the only  reasonable tribute that SeaWorld/Disney can pay Dawn Brancheau is to find a respectful relocation for Tilikum. After all, the 8th House is also place of accountability; let's see some responsibility and tribute to the animals instead of promoting them as  sideshow attractions.

The Easy Astrology Oracle Card visually illustrates how the 8th House also corresponds to the planet Pluto, the deep, dark lord of the underworld. Pluto is remembered as the character who snatched his wife Persephone by reaching up through a hole in the ground. He harvested his chosen maiden to serve as a queen. Mythology relates that Persephone was not totally distraught at her fate; rather, she reigned as queen in the underworld with dignity and power.

The purple circle in the 8th House card is an Ouroborus, a symbol of eternal life and transformation. The age old symbol of a snake eating its tail addresses the alchemical concept of unity with ones own shadow, and the resultant spiral of life which brings the human soul finally to liberation.

Delivered today with respect to Dawn Brancheau and her family, and in honor of the circle of life.

Read more on the fate of   Tilikum here.

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Astro*Oracle card for today – The MOON

La Luna - is she just wild and crazy?

In the mystery of the night we do our inner work.

The Moon always speaks to our emotional needs. What is your heart crying out for? Did you make a commitment today that you have mixed feelings about? I know I did. My head bought tickets to a concert, but my heart wants to stay home this evening and cook a nice meal with my daughter.  And, although our busy intellect may claim temporary victory, in the long run, heart wins the day.

As a mysterious creature of the night, the Moon is often busy and tangled, like the dark tree in this image. Our imagination is the fertile ground that nurtures creation.

The leaves, birds, and flowers reveal the potentiality of our dreams. Then, how do we manifest what we want? The first step is to gain clarity. Which flower or leaf do you want to pick? Choose one to make that little bird sing!

One way to work with the Moon in manifestation is to live within the growth of each lunar cycle which begins with the New Moon every month. At the time of New Moon, gently set your intention. Writing in a special journal is a good way to gain commitment from your wispy vision.

Claim small and large dreams for yourself; and choose one that you know you can complete for the time of Full Moon two weeks later. And then, let the magic work for your larger wishes.

Easy Astrology Oracle Card - combines images with key words

The Moon is also about family, home, and nurturing.  Plant a seed of love within the fertile ground of your family tree today.

Most of the pictures on my Easy Astrology Oracle Cards are original photographs combined with stock imagery. The Moon in this card is an actual photograph taken by Robert Stolpe in Hollywood Florida.

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Astro*Oracle card for today is: House #7

Easy Astrology Oracle Card for Wed

Divination is a pure form of relationship with Spirit. And, in keeping with the form and intent of Ash Wednesday and a month of Sundays, on this day the Oracle card drawn is: House #7.

Don't you love just having somebody to talk to? The 7th House is where we meet others. It can be a hall of projections and shadows, or a vibrant court of participation.Here is where the individual meets with others and come into a balance of meeting his or her needs and the needs of another.

What do you see in the eyes of your lover? As a mirror of the soul, these eyes are a reflection of your innermost secrets. Today think about how you exist in relationship to all other people. And, examine your relationship with Mother Earth; her winds which express the breath of her caverns and mountains. Today, receive and return the sustenance of here waters; be grounded in the earth. And, find your inner fire to live in relationship with your world.

Key words: Marriage, participation, partnership, business, legal engagement, sharing, contracts, cooperation, relationship, balance.

The 7th house is ruled by Venus

The 7th House is ruled by the planet Venus. As a goddess of love and fecundity Venus is enamored with her own needs, yet she is lonely without a partner to adore her. The gold and green double diamond symbolizes her role as a partner in relationship in the 7th house. Yes, sometimes people make things difficult, but where would we be without them?

Take time today and reflect on your personal and professional relationships. Is there somebody you need to get in touch with? Reach out, today is a day to mend fences and build new bridges which will define and carry you into your fullness.

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February – A Month of Sundays


FEb sun

February has long been one of my favorite months. Even as a child, I would observe the  passing season; always awed by the tone and harmony of color and light as day by day, a warm and friendly sun slowly overpowered the darkness of winter. Just like the spiral light of the season, this February has an amazing array of planetary events. And the action unfolds week by week, each time on a Sunday.

Sunday the 7th, Venus joins Neptune in the 25th degree of Aquarius. I like to think of Venus in Aquarius as an exotic lady with her favorite accessory being a pair of oversized electric blue rimmed eyeglasses. She is an artist, but also a connoisseur of the arts. And, oh yeah, that pesky wounded healer shapeshifter Chiron is hanging around. Now Venus has to get serious. Chiron demands hands on action in this meeting with others who would rather not get their flirty mitts dirty. Oh, it so much easier to be compassionate when you are not personally involved, but this time it's personal.

Redemption is a word that I struggled for years to really comprehend the meaning of. Why is it important? Who says it's necessary? Salvation, deliverance, rescue, release, liberation, and recovery are all synonyms for ‘redemption.'  Astrologer Liz Green begins her book, ‘the Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption'  with this: ‘The longing for redemption is an ancient, strange and many-headed daimon, which dwells within even the most earthbound and prosaic of souls.'

I have come to understand redemption as a place inside where we are ‘right' with ourselves and whatever power we consider to be our source – God. It has an affinity with consciousness. Personally, I think that many animals have some capacity of consciousness and therefore liberation; but rocks, although we love them, do not need redemption. And when it's really right inside, our external world concurs, and it's ‘OK.' Your actions, your prayers, and sincerity of heart open the doors to redemption.


Neptune, Venus, and Chiron coming together on Sunday the 7th speaks to the healing power of our hearts and prayers in our personal lives as well as the world. Check in with your own capacity for sensitivity and emotional vulnerability to see if you are ‘right' with your world. Are you healed deep inside, and do you have enough to go around to help others?  In keeping with the impersonal quality of Aquarius, we heal best without attachment. On this day, cherish the white dove within your breast, and then let her fly away.