Little did I suspect that my seemingly casual sunset bike ride on Hollywood Beach this weekend would result in a life changing incident.With transiting Saturn conjunct my natal 6th house Mars, I have been on the alert for potential injury. Knowing that Saturn rules things like broken bones, and Mars is the master blaster of accidents, I have been diligently manifesting the more positive potential for this transit by working hard. (that's Saturn/Mars stuff, too- applied effort)

Having been so careful,  I was shocked when an errant skateboard shot in front of my bicycle, and I went flying onto the ground. Fortunately the owner of the skateboard ran off before I could kill him. I was left with only my skinned hands and knees, and the necessity to retrieve my dignity.

But, soon – my right foot started to hurt. And, as the minutes rolled by, it began to REALLY hurt. (My right foot was injured 5 years ago on an automobile accident, and has remained as a proverbial ‘canary in the coal mine' in regards to my overall health.) At first I panicked – ‘oh no, I cannot face another round of pain and rehab on my ‘special' foot.'

And, suddenly I realized, yes, my foot was hurting, but- it also felt FREE.  I could actually wiggle my toes and the overall balance of my whole body was instantly back to normal. The out of control fall and subsequent impact to my right foot had torn loose internal scar tissue remaining  from my old auto accident injury; something which otherwise would have been accomplished only by surgery.

My foot, although sore and bruised, is actually in better shape now than it has been for years! I can touch the earth in a whole new way. Thank you Saturn and Mars – this one worked out really right.