What’s Going On * February 20 – 24

The sun also entered watery, mutable Pisces on Saturday the 18th. Happy birthday  to all Pisces natives. You are ready to entertain your planetary ruler, Neptune for the next several years – enjoy, and find your strength as you   enter the rich, watery realm of the god of ecstasy.

Sunday, the Sun joins Neptune to give you a taste of what is to come – a small caution – alcohol is also ruled by Neptune,  think Dionysus and his wild nights of music and dance. Even, better, think – warm sexuality, soft music, moonlight walks on the beach, and candle light romantic dinners. Now –that’s a Neptune I can get behind.

The new Moon arrives on Tuesday the 21st – along with the celebratory day of Mardi Gras. Again – balance the idea of having fun against the    experience of having –TOO much fun!!! The moon joins Neptune at exactly 10:48 AM Pacific time; anyone looking for a reason to take the day off and celebrate will have every good reason to do so. This is also an amazing connection for artists, visionaries, and musicians. As we merge with the vast inspiration of Neptune in the months ahead, remember the positive side of his watery realm. Tuesday bids farewell with a positive moon sextile to Jupiter – count your blessings and know that opportunity awaits.

Wednesday the 22nd is still lush; the Pisces moon waves a friendly sextile to Pluto in the early hours of the morning. You will be happy you considered the path of moderation on Wednesday when the late Pisces moon bids farewell to Mars in the early evening and ventures in to void of course (v/c).

Thursday, the 23rd, the Moon enters energetic Aries, as Mercury forms a dynamic opposition to Mars in the early hours –think carefully before taking action because somebody may have an alternative plan to yours. Think twice, move once, and then – enjoy the afternoon with all of your important decisions well behind you.

Sending wishes for smooth sailing into the next week.

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What’s Going On * February 10 – 16th

On the heels of an exciting Venus/Uranus conjunction the night of Thursday February 9th, The Libra Moon of Friday the 10th settles us down and begs for analysis of the events of the previous evening. Keeping in mind that the combo of Venus and Uranus lends excitement, but not often stability, the query becomes: Will she, wont’ he; does she/ does he not? Hmm, many questions are answered today as the Moon opposes our impetuous paring of the night before. Your special secret insight is: follow your heart, as your heart will always lead you to the path that is good and true.

The Libra moon squares Pluto in the wee hours of Saturday – this dynamic aspect often brings us to a point of decision –think of the square as a shearing, or cutting energy.However, the square can also provide a foundation for a new structure, so don’t be afraid to face your most difficult emotion. Remember that Libra is a cardinal, or action taking sign – any actions taken today that are fueled by love and compassion will ultimately set you free.

After a brief void of course period on Sunday, the moon enters passionate Scorpio at 2 PM Pacific time.   Use the spiritual tone of our Sunday morning aspects to connect with your most sincere inner guidance. As the Moon engages Mercury, Saturn, Neptune, and Jupiter, Sunday  is a great time for catching up with your family and long lost friends.

On Monday the 13th – buyer beware! Mercury joins Neptune in an exact conjunction,  which can lead to a disappointment, or, result in a misunderstanding. Take it easy today – Monday is best for getting your dreams and visions on paper, but – save the proposal for another time.

Speaking of proposals – Tuesday the 14th is Happy Valentine’s day – our national day to celebrate love and romance. This year, Valentine’s Day lands on a stressful last quarter Scorpio Moon.  Now, I am a great supporter of love, but, recommend that this day be kept romantic, and sultry  in keeping with the Scorpio Moon. The other side of a Scorpio moon  can be petty and jealous; you decide how you want to script this day, as your approach makes a big difference in the quality of your memories.

Wednesday the 15th delivers the reality of secrets that were contemplated on Saturday the 11th. As Venus and Pluto face off in a dynamic square, remember that true love is based on understanding and sincerity. The Sagittarius Moon prompts us all to speak our truth, and commitments made on this day can have long term ramifications provided you stick to your core issue of truth.

Consider setting time aside for a softer romantic interlude on Thursday the 16th  – which  is a fun filled day of opportunity! This day the early Capricorn moon engages Saturn and Neptune, plus Mercury happily meets Jupiter. This is your best day for networking, social and professional meetings, and your great day to get the job done – wishing you the best of all days ahead.

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Astro*Time Line – October 1 – 14, 2011

The first quarter moon of October 3rd delivers a precise challenge of manifestation. What is it you need to create this month? Be clear and take decisive action. With the Sun in Libra and the Moon in Capricorn, both cardinal or action oriented signs, the best plan of action is to get a shovel and start digging. Remember that many diamonds lie still unearthed, awaiting discovery.

Tuesday the 4th is a triple threat when the Capricorn moon squares, or challenges Mercury, Saturn, and Venus. Fortune favors the bold.

Thursday the 6th, Mercury and Saturn join hands in Libra. Think of the word ‘commitment’, and think about how it best applies to your current situation.

Friday the 7th, the late Aquarius moon trines Venus and conjuncts Neptune in the early afternoon, followed by a gracious Venus trine Neptune.  Considering that Friday is also a day ruled by Venus, and that the Pisces moon harmonizes with both Venus and Neptune, this is an amazing day for serendipity, and I predict that some bright lights will find lasting love this evening.

Venus leaves Libra, the sign of her rulership, and enters Scorpio on Saturday the 8th. The Pisces moon is void of course from 10 AM (Pacific Time) Saturday until early Monday! So, if you didn’t meet Mr. or Ms. Wonderful on Friday, it probably won’t’ happen Saturday or Sunday. Never fear – the Pisces moon loves visiting museums and watching musical performances. This is a fabulous weekend to just chill.

Monday the 10th comes on like a tiger; start your week right by getting into a flow of productivity and be proactive. This begins the peak of Full Moon energy, which is exact at 7 PM Tuesday the 11th. The Sabian Symbol message for this 19 degree Aries Moon is: ‘a Magic Carpet.’ How fitting! Although Aries is an intensely personal sign, the quest here is to understand that much of what is happening now is very impersonal. It’s not really about YOU; it’s about the evolution of our earth and the Universe.

Thursday the 13th is another aspect packed day! Venus sextile Pluto in the early hours sets the tone for meaningful communication, and the Sun conjunct Saturn seals the deal. Also on this day, Mercury enters Scorpio, adding intensity to your speech. Avoid arguments now, because they can quickly turn for the worse, and the Sun/Saturn aspect insures longevity to any discord initiated today.

If you play your cards right, Venus opposite Jupiter on Friday the 14th will deliver a gift, but you have to participate in the outcome, not just show up and hope to collect. The Taurus moon enhances giving, and adds serenity to a peaceful aspect.

ASTRO*TIME LINE – September 11 – 26, 2011

The Full Moon arrives in splendor with a clear trine of Mercury and Pluto late in the evening. You may see and hear things that are dramatic, but, know that clarity and deep truths are the key phrases here, and trust your intuition. The real question here is: are you willing to cut loose of those old habits, because, the Universe is calling you to do so. Let it GO!

The moon opposite Venus on Monday the 12th suggests that you may have to release some of your cash in order to achieve this new level of freedom. Just move through this energy quickly, because the energy of Aries quickly aligns with your new vision. The Aries moon extends and energizes the peak energy of the Full Moon; maintain your momentum throughout the week.

Wednesday the 14th, Mercury trine Jupiter again presents opportunities for those who are ready and willing to take a chance on their dream. Venus enters one of her favorite signs, Libra in the evening. Elegant dinners and beautiful clothing are all emphasized as Venus travels through her domicile of planetary rulership. And, although Venus is happy in Libra, she is NOT lazy; rather, this is an excellent time to cultivate both personal and professional relationships.

Thursday the 15th, the moon enters Taurus and perfect timing to manifest your full moon intention. Pluto stations into direct motion on Friday the 16th which further clears the way for your true freedom and soul growth.

As Venus opposes Uranus on Saturday the 17thwe can further gain perspective and objectivity. This planetary duo is notorious for incomprehensible romantic attractions, also. Unfortunately, this is sometimes a recipe for disaster!

Enjoy, indulge, even revel, but, don’t bank you life on this interlude; especially because Venus squares Pluto the very next day, on Sunday the 18th. With this aspect, the Love Goddess has to pay her dues through jealousy and confrontation. Mars entering Leo on this day also heats up the ego, and everybody wants to marvel at the lions’ roar, not fear it. Finally, with Mars in Leo and Venus in Libra, we have a sextile aspect of opportunity and both of these personal planets are lively and in their strengths.

The last quarter moon on Tuesday the 20th provokes our thoughts and demands balance. We have mixed feelings about recent developments; however, know that this is a time of protection and renewal.

Friday the 23rd is our sacred day of the Autumnal Equinox. Now, light and color come into balance as do the circumstances of life. Since its Friday, take time in the afternoon or evening to honor the day as a time of harvest and gratitude for all that this magnificent earth provides us.

Sunday the 25th unfolds with Mercury entering Libra (challenge is: can you make a decision?) and Sun opposes Uranus (as the Universe conspires to surprise and confuse you with unexpected events!)

Welcome the Libran New Moon of September 27th. More to come as we next explore the world of Libra: Balance, Elegance, Decision making, Equality, and Justice.