Astrology Predictions for June11

My Key phrase for this week is: the power of your words.

This is destined to be an eventful week because every day this week has a major planetary movement.

Today and tomorrow are all important days to prepare for the Gemini new moon on Wednesday, June 13th.

This new moon is your time to implement all of the gifts of Mercury.

Speech, making plans, and writing are all activities that are brought to Light now.  Gemini and its ruling planet, Mercury, give us the gift of consciousness; or, being aware of being aware.

Think of the great Masters and spiritual teacher. We remember them by their words as well as their acts. This is great week to sit with the teachings of your most meaningful mentor.

Take time and go deeply into the wisdom of your teacher. And then, in the nature of Gemini, the twins, you can pass it along. Even if you only live your life as a positive role model, you are both a student and a teacher.

In fulfilling this eventful week, on Tuesday, June 12th, Mercury changes signs and enters Cancer. The astrological message here is that you can more easily express your emotions. But, first you must get in tune with how you really feel.

On Wednesday, in addition to the Gemini New moon, Venus enters Leo. This is a beautiful and glittery placement and it will assist anyone who wants to look better.

If you feel a need to begin a dietary detox or institute a change of eating habits Tuesday is the perfect day to begin. This is about presenting yourself to the world in a more positive light.

On Thursday, Venus square Uranus activates sudden endings. If you’re feeling unsettled about a relationship, this is a good day to talk. Be prepared, however, for a final resolution.

Next on this busy week, Mercury opposes Saturn on Friday. This is another great aspect for getting to the point in relationships. Mercury and Saturn move you beyond formal niceties and get to what needs to be said and done.

Get ready for a busy and monumental week! Decisions are made and things get done.

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Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!


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Astrology Predictions June 4

My Key phrase for this week is: Lifting the Fog

We are now into well the season of Gemini, and true to form, it’s the planet Mercury, the planetary ruler of Gemini, who is busy this month.

To get things started for the week, on Tuesday, June 5th Mercury and the Sun join forces right in the middle degrees of Gemini.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury, it’s a great day to make plans for your future. Mercury loves to make plans, and the Sun illuminates who you are.

So, if you’re in need of a personal day to give thought to what you want to create with the rest of 2018. This week, Monday and Tuesday are excellent days to do that.

Just be sure to get your thoughts written down.  Being able to write and communicate our thoughts them to others is a gift from Thoth, the Egyptian deity.

The ancient Egyptians credited Thoth as the author of all works of science, religion, philosophy, and even magic. Thoth was also considered a mediator between the dark and Light forces on the earth.

So, if you want to make your own magic for the month of June, be sure that you write down your dreams and make them into realities.

To assist in your search for clarity, Mercury squares Neptune on Wednesday.  Neptune  create fog, and when he hits this sharp aspect from Mercury, the fog is lifted.

Truly, this week is a great one for gaining clarity, especially on any issues that have been plaguing you.

In keeping with this theme of clarity, on Thursday, the Sun squares Neptune, and on Friday, the Moon squares Saturn; both are great aspects for buckling down and keeping things ‘Real’.

The Sun square Neptune on Thursday June 7th invites you to do a reality check. The secret here is to not get discouraged or critical;  come up with a plan that takes you from point A to point B.

And, honestly, Moon square Saturn can have the same effect of highlighting your fears.  Your job is to be kind to yourself, not give into fear, and negativity. Rather, take a deep breath and move through this illusion buster.

On Saturday, June 9th the Moon enters Aries.  It's time ready to gear up with your sustainable Action Plan in hand.

Lifting the Fog is my key phrase not only for this week, but for the entire month of June.

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Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!


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Sagittarius Full Moon May 29

The Rainbow Affirms the Protection of Jupiter

Being ruled by  Jupiter, the Sagittarius full moon always comes bearing gifts.

To understand Sagittarius you must look to the rainbow, a cloak of many colors. Since ancient times the rainbow has symbolized our relationship with the divine.

Although Sagittarius is a fire sign, his emblem is formed by Light shining through water. The iridescent colors of the rainbow are how the archer releases his fire.

With a grand water trine between Jupiter, Neptune, and Venus, the fiery archer must find strength. So, how does Sag find happiness in a water world?

Jupiter, the ruling planet of Sagittarius is in Scorpio and busily engaged with Neptune in Pisces.  Venus in Cancer seals the deal by completing a grand water trine, exact on Friday and Saturday, June 1st and 2nd.

But, we must find his fire sign allies and a most interesting friend appears – Chiron in Aries!

Chiron feeds (and is fed by) this Sagittarius full moon.

In Aries, Chiron heals your ‘I AM’ presence; he makes it personal and yes, all about YOU.

Plus, the north node, although not a planet, holds court in Leo, exactly trine the Sag moon degree.

The north node illuminates your navigational path to soul growth and it powerfully shines a Light on your Life Purpose. Standing in harmony with the full moon, the north node illuminates your most sacred act. The north node urges you to discover the reason you were born on the earth at this time.

Another hidden player assisting the fiery Sag moon is the asteroid Juno in Aries. Juno wears the goddess crown, and she speaks to your commitment. The goddess asks: can you move beyond your past hurts and betrayals?

Like the rainbow, Juno teaches you to transform your shadow into a shimmering robe.

Sagittarius Full Moon Gifts

A grand trine represents spiritual gifts, and with both a fire and water trines, this full moon harmonizes:

Desire – Jupiter in Scorpio
Compassion – Neptune in Pisces
Willingness – Venus in Cancer

Spiritual Guidance – North Node in Leo
Commitment – Juno in Aries
Healing Grace – Chiron in Aries

May this Sagittarius full moon release all gifts – those which you have to give, and the ones you are to receive.

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Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!


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Astrology Predictions May 21

My Key phrase for this week is: Awareness

This is a full and dynamic week with two unique planetary oppositions. The opposition is an aspect that calls for and teaches awareness.

Think of it as entering a store that holds the exact thing that you’ve been wanting so badly. Maybe it’s candy, or a car, or a certain kind of relationship.

But, first you must cross a dangerous looking moat that makes the object of your desire appear even further away, although you are so close.

But, you still have to figure out how bridge that last gap. That is the astrological opposition; you’re so near, but not there yet. This week on Wednesday, May 23rd Mercury opposes Jupiter, and on Saturday, Venus opposes Saturn. I’ll break it down.

Mercury Opposing Jupiter

Mercury opposing Jupiter is the ultimate awareness aspect. Mercury the messenger gives a name to your desires. He identifies and then speaks the words of what you want – this is helpful because you must always get focused in order to really manifest something specific.

And, Jupiter grants your wishes! So, Jupiter and Mercury are a good combination to get what you want; but you must bridge the gap.

The opposition requires a strategy, and it often helps to think outside the box. Maybe it’s time to revisit an old situation but with new expectations and boundaries.

The Sun trine Mars on Wednesday is another aspect that helps you take on a task, but this time with a new set of rules. With the Sun in Taurus, and Mars in Capricorn (plus Uranus now in Taurus) – you can do anything; these two earth signs will fuel your manifestation abilities,

Venus Opposing Saturn

Venus opposing Saturn on Saturday, May 26th is a similar message but with a different flavor. Venus and Saturn are all about commitment. You’ve made your wishes known; now Venus and Saturn ask if you’re willing to commit to the task at hand.

Venus opposing Saturn can make you lose heart unless you apply your wisdom and knowledge. You may want to flee, to run away and hide rather than actually cross the dangerous moat that keeps you from what you want.

But again, you must figure out a way to bridge the gap. What you need is a good boat and ferryman; someone to help take you where you want and need to go.

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Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!


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