Taking Action and Finding Clarity in the Lunar Shift

Last week’s Scorpio New Moon signals a time to make a commitment.

My key phrase for this week is: Commitment

This week activates the promise of last week’s November 7th Scorpio new moon. Moving into the first quarter moon, you are being asked to take action.

In the 28 day lunation cycle, which is the time it takes to go from one new moon to the next, the first quarter moon urges you to take action; and to do that, you must make a commitment.

Many times people feel that they must make the ‘right’ decision, but consider that sometimes it’s necessary to just make a decision and see it through.

This may be the case now. If you must take action, this week opens a portal that allows you to do your duty. You must be firm though. That’s because two major celestial events happened on Friday, November 16th: Venus stationed direct and Mercury went retrograde.

Granted, this can cause confusion and even more delay. That’s why, if you must take action this week, do it ASAP. By Saturday, you may be feeling confused again.

Finding Quiet Clarity

Confusion that prevents you from committing will be an issue, and it’s vitally important that you find your way to clarity. There are many techniques to quiet your mind and then connect with the wisdom of your body.

Jupiter is now in Sagittarius, the sign where he is extra powerful. Much larger than the earth, Jupiter has 63 moons! Wouldn’t it be fun to go there and see so many moons in the sky?  You can think of Jupiter as a great, big old gas giant with lots of minions, as expressed by the Moons, to do his bidding.

Learning to ask for and accept help will be one of our lessons here on earth as Jupiter moves through Sagittarius until December of 2019. Moons are helpers, people who have come to serve and help you shine your Light.

There are many stressors in all parts of life now, but especially in a time of trauma, it’s important to return to your core values. What do you really believe? Do you see the cup as half full, or half empty? Who do you want to be? What do you want to accomplish?

Think about these questions this week, as you focus on commitment.

The stars will guide your way.

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