Food for Thought

Easy Astrology Oracle Card - When the moon is in Cancer we take action

Today the Moon travels through the nurturing  sign of Cancer. As a sign ruling the stomach, our thoughts often turn to food and the fulfillment of our most basic need to eat.  Having just survived a devastating earthquake,  many of our brothers and sisters in Japan are cold and hungry on this day.

As a Cardinal, or action starting sign, the Cancer moon is a time when people tend to be focused and busy;  instinctively we scurry about, looking for our next warm meal, and planning for the future. In Cancer the call to action is for fulfillment of basic survival strategies; humans NEED – shelter, food, clean water, and love.

On this day of responsiveness we send our prayers to the people of Japan. We wish food for those who are hungry, warmth for those who are cold, and shelter for those who are homeless. Our hunger and longing is to comfort those who have lost their families; our response must be to take action and assist in any way possible.

We can send prayers, but we can also send ‘MONEY LOVE.'

There are many ways to show you care – pick one and take action – TODAY.