Full Moon Lunar Eclipse – the Secret Revealed

Chiron is a wise Mentor, and Shaman

Eclipse are always mysterious, and the Capricorn/Cancer full moon lunar eclipse of July 4/5 is no exception.

Tonight’s full moon Lunar Eclipse comes with a planetary signature of a dynamic T-square – this is a tension aspect created by Mars and Chiron in Aries forming a square to the Capricorn moon and the Sun in Cancer.

Like two archers drawing back on their bowstrings, Mars and Chiron will guide, and release the energy of this eclipse.

This is not a predictor of troubles, rather, it releases the Universal tension that is so prevalent. These release won’t happen overnight; rather it’s a systematic process that is clearing Hallowed ground for the next dynamic full moon Lunar Eclipse on November 30th.

Mars and Chiron carry the signature of Divine Masculinity.

Both Chiron and Mars are warrior planets. Mars, especially in Aries, delivers pure fire. Mars has lots of energy, but is lacking in discernment. Now the fire of Mars is tempered by Chiron, the wounded Shaman and Mentor.

Chiron is teaching Mars; lessons such as:
* Irresponsible aggression returns like a boomerang
* You reap what you sow
* Your life on Earth is a reflection of your vibration

These are lessons for us all to incorporate.

Tonight, the Earth passes in between the Sun and the Moon, and it is the shadow of the Earth that actually darkens the moon for this penumbral Lunar Eclipse.

The darkening of the moon will be subtle, perhaps not even visible without a telescope. But visibility does not deny it’s power – in face, shadow events are often the strongest.

This eclipse passes over the land masses of most of North and South America. Think of these countries, and know that institutions are being re-set upon the land, implementing corrections in Environment, Culture, Politics, and Power Structures through the release of Divine Male energy

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