Gemini Full Moon – Your Date With Destiny

Gemini Full Moon – December 12

Your words, and thoughts do have power, and this week’s 12/12 full moon reminds us all that manifestation follows your intentions. The spiritual depth of Gemini teaches just how powerful words can be.

This weeks’ full moon cycle peaks at the start of the day on Thursday, technically the 12th day of the 12th month, and at 12:12 AM eastern US time. Certainly, there is a synchronicity of numbers as even 12 x 4 breaks down to 12!

In ancient mystic traditions, the number 12 represents Divine Order, Perfection, and Entirety. So, this full moon seals the year and even the decade. Are you ready for the New Year ahead?

Twelve is also related to the planet Jupiter which takes 12 years to rotate fully around the Sun, and it is Jupiter in concert with Uranus, Mars, and Venus that will take on prominence in 2020. Venus and Jupiter, both in Capricorn now, function like leavening in the dough of Pluto and Saturn – they bring Light and cheer to an otherwise heavy state of affairs.

Or, you can think of Venus and Jupiter as the cosmic gate crashers to an otherwise (so) serious meeting where nobody’s having any fun; the ice of cold Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is breaking up, and 2020 looks to be a better year.

But, first back to the present – our Gemini full moon.

Venus, the planet of love and beauty is your ‘date’ for the event. On Wednesday, December 12th, Venus conjunct (or joins) Saturn, and on Friday, (the 13th) Venus is conjunct Pluto. Your job is simple – let Venus bring you to a place of power with ease and grace.

You may be weary from all of the heavy lifting that 2019 has brought, but this full moon signals that it’s time to align with your vision. If you don’t have a vision, or if you feel that your burdens have taken you off course, now is the time to realign.

Gemini, the sign of this month’s full moon teaches that information is readily available, but you must still the chaos and incessant chatter of your logical mind and meet your Higher Mind, or Higher Self, to find the truth. If you can find peace, know that Wisdom, connection, Divine Order and Perfection are in the stars for this lunation.

Wishing you the grace of Venus, the wisdom of Saturn, and the depth of Pluto for this powerful full moon.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the Stars

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