Gemini New Moon – Uniting Heaven and Earth

Today we honor the Gemini New Moon – Uniting Heaven and Earth. You probably know by now that Gemini is the sign of ‘the Twins’. The word refers to the celestial brothers, Castor and Pollux, the twin stars in the constellation Gemini.

Mythology teaches that one of the brothers, Castor was a mortal. His brother, Pollux, was a son of heavenly Zeus, also known as Jupiter.

Uniting Heaven and Earth

Uniting Heaven and Earth

As a manifest human being, you have qualities of both twins. Working in harmony, the gifts of Gemini deliver unparalleled empowerment.

When united with your other divine gift of free will choice, you can apply your mind and change physical reality.

What you can do that unites your human and super-human selves is the ability to use your mind?

Thoughts and ideas are powerful, but your ideas are absolutely assisted by taking action. In 1961, President John F Kennedy had the vision to put a man on the moon. This is just one example of the millions of people who have taken action on their ideas.

What is YOUR Vision?

. . . . and what actions will take you to your personal moon?

Manifesting your vision requires successful use of your mind; this is the gift of Castor, the mortal twin of Gemini. You are well served by writing it down – another human quality. Actually, the gift of writing is something that separates humans from other animals.

Humans are the only species that writes down their thoughts.

Writing then opens the door which leads to the divine gifts of Pollux, the godlike twin. The mundane becomes magical and transformation; an expression of the Divine.

This Gemini new moon urges you to think and make a plan. Be ever mindful of your amazing gift as a human being. Mastery of Gemini also requires that you stay in your body, not just live in your mind.

As you ‘come to’ in your consciousness, take stock and look around.

In the spirit of the Gemini you can unite the power of Heaven and Earth.

Plan to make each day Your Best Day Ever. Do it for just one day, and then, do it again.


Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the Stars

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