Happy Birthday Tiger Woods

“Uranus – the Royal Snake of Egypt. What ever he does not transform he will devour.”

(Evangeline Adams  1868/1932) 

Today is the birthday of  Tiger Woods; the man who was, once upon a time, long long ago, beloved by many and now, seemingly beleaguered by all. I am not writing to declare judgment on his personal life, rather to illustrate the awesome power of astrological transits.

Using birth date from AstroData Bank, Tiger's natal chart demonstrates one of the classical Gauquelin markers for a successful athlete, Mars applying to the Midheaven. Seeing that his Mars in Gemini, I immediately understand that part of his great talent is excellent eye/hand coordination. But, alas, that is not all to the Tiger Woods story – now that the whole world knows details about his personal life. (see link to Tiger natal chart with transits below)

OK – the guy does have Moon conjunct Neptune in the ‘sporty' sign of Sagittarius; that explains a lot! He's just a born player. Of course the advertisers would love him – Neptune is about imagery and the power of imagination. And, naturally, he would love playing, well, umm, . . . . . lets just call it – dating – lots of women. One for each season and every mood – the blond, the brunette, the fluffy one, the sporty one, plaids, silks; all nice in the moment.

And, this Moon/Neptune combination sits near the private Inner Sanctum part of his chart (in another activating sector) – the 3rd house, applying to the 4th. This point, technically called the Imum Coeli  (or IC – Latin for “bottom of the sky”) is the home of our innermost self. For Tiger, it opens the fertile ground of his mind. In an astrological chart, the IC provides commentary about how we manifest a body on earth, a home for the body, our childhood, and birth family. I like to think of it as a doorway where the soul enters into incarnation.

But, ouch, who or what turned Tiger's private life upside down and inside out – which planet  made a circus act out of a private life and family? Has to be Uranus. Tiger's chart is a classic example of transiting Uranus entering the 7th house of relationships. Uranus just tears stuff apart!

Properly said – Uranus is a catalyst which brings change only to that which needs to be destroyed and rebuilt. Or look at it this way; Uranus blows in like a  storm over water. There is wind, rain, lightening and thunder; next, whoosh, what you thought you had is suddenly gone. Hmm, Uranus is just not fluffy- it's hard to find soft sentimental New Age words to qualify this planet of swift and sudden chaos.

Happy Transformation as we greet 2010. Blessings – MW

~$ger Woods_natal_transit

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