Hearts on Fire – Weekly Star Cast

Hearts on Fire – Weekly Star Cast

This week winds up the dog days of summer and on Friday, August 23rd the Sun enters Virgo. But, before Friday, you have a few days to bask in the glow of fire sign energy. Mercury is well into the mid degrees of Leo; Jupiter is now direct in Sagittarius, and this week began with a pure fiery Aries moon.

One of the better days this week is Wednesday, when Mercury in Leo trines Jupiter in Sag, making the 21st a great day to reach out in a meaningful way. Wednesday is your ‘hearts on fire’ day this week Mercury trine Jupiter is an excellent time to complete favorable negotiations; communication flows well because both parties are on the same page. Plus, the moon in Taurus conjunct Uranus adds to making Wednesday a stellar day.

If you have something important to do this week – do it on Wednesday. Because, just like the aging of fine wine, the planets are quickly, one by one, moving into more mellow Virgo.

Now on the heels of her superior conjunction with the Sun, Venus enters Virgo on Wednesday, the 21st. And, Mars entered Virgo on the 18th.

Venus is in her ‘fall’ in Virgo, meaning that she is not expressing her full strength. Also, Venus is invisible in the sky until September 20th!

So, we always love Venus, but she’s in a repair and refresh mode now. Think of as Venus being on an extended stay at a health spa – doing a detox.  This planetary shift signals a time to move into refining Virgo type activities such as improving your health and cleaning/de-cluttering your home.

Next week comes the Virgo New Moon on Friday, August 30th. This lunation has some stellar aspects, and I’ll be sure to send you ALL the details. Until then, wishing you sunny days to warm your heart.

In Love and Service,

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the Stars

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