Leo Full Moon – I AM that I AM

Tonight’s full moon illuminates the sign of Leo. This moon being somewhat closer to the earth than usual, it is big, full, and (if the weather is good where you live) bright.

Leo Full Moon – February 9 at 20 degrees Leo 

Ancient wisdom teaches that Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio, the four fixed zodiac signs are entry points for Source, the way that Divine energy to come to the earth.

So, now, the Sun in impersonal Aquarius, and the moon in very personal Leo we are uniquely connected to Source.

One of the most intriguing qualities of the sign Leo is personal creativity. Not only does Leo highlight creativity, it come with ego, which is how you show the world what YOU have to give. But the word ego has a negative connotation of extreme pride.

Ego is one of the great challenges of the Leo/Aquarius axis. Really, ego is an extension of the profound statement: ‘I AM’.

And, what is more powerful than an awareness of your being? Psychology says that ‘ego is just ego’; it’s a part of the human psyche that is essential to your survival.

But there is something even more powerful.

Ego and the Aquarius/Leo axis reflects one of the greatest challenges to humankind – our fall from grace as illustrated in the story of Adam and Eve. This wisdom story teaches that ego is wrapped around a profound challenge which is a disconnection from our creator.

The human ego is not really your true self! Ego relies on labels, definitions, and measurements of who has more. True power is the experience of: I AM THAT I AM. This is what will set you free!

This full moon invites you to express your gifts and talents.  Ultimately, the Leo full moon opens a gate for you to come home to your true self – your spiritual mansion.

The secret  is that your mansion, your spiritual home, is readily available. You only need to step inside; it’s supportive, nurturing and infinitely interesting because it’s the field of all possibilities.

Your connection to the power of creation is available in every moment and you can access it through your stillness, your focus, your breath, and your command.

With love and acknowledgement of who you really are,

Maya White

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