Mercury Retrograde and Your Mind


mercury retrograde can be good
Mercury Retrograde can be good, too.

In keeping with the Hermetic philosophy of  ‘As Above, So Below,' Mercury retrograde is a time when your logical mind is on vacation. But, that's not necessarily a dire situation.

It's about your logical mind and integration of all your ‘Selves,' or levels of Mind.

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One secret to understanding how to make Mercury retrograde a positive event lies in knowing the signs and elements that are involved. For this round, they are:

Scorpio = Water element retrograding to
Libra = Air

Here's What to Do
Review your emotional patterns
Review the patterns that brought you there
Analyze the beliefs that have caused the emotions
Apply all levels of your mind to change the beliefs

Huna Philosophy
If you ‘ve taken a course or had a reading with me, you'll know that I love Huna, the ancient teachings of the Hawaiian shamans. (This is a simple explanation of a complex teaching, but it's one of the most profound one that I have ever found.)

Huna teaches that we work within 3 levels of being:
The Higher Self = your Higher Mind: answers your prayer or wish
The Middle Self = your Logical Mind : formulates your prayers or instructions
The Lower Self = your Subconscious Mind: sends prayer to your Higher Self

All 3 levels of your mind must work together to materialize your wishes; and you can learn to work WITH, not against the hierarchy of communication.

Here's the Big SECRET
Particularly in the Western world, we are taught that the Logical Mind (or Self) speaks to the Higher Mind. It doesn't work that way!

Can you see why Mercury retrograde, the time when your logical mind is subdued, is not necessarily a bad thing?

It's your Subconscious that speaks to the Higher Mind – not your logic.
And, when you put this into practice, Mercury retrograde takes on a whole new meaning. 

In Love and Service,

Maya White

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