Mercury Retrograde in Aries – What can you DO?

Easy Astrology Oracle Card - Mercury Retrograde

We are midway through an intense Mercury Retrograde which began on March 30 and ends April 23rd. With the Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury all in Aries – this retrograde of Mercury has  a unique driving energy which opens the doors for true change.

To answer the questions of  1) what does it mean to YOU, and 2) how does it make you heal; consider the following insights.

Mercury retrograde is a time when we revisit and reexamine our past. Aries is a sign of  initiative and  courage. One of the things to remember about Aries is that in accordance with the Spring season, this is a time to plant seeds for your future harvest. If you can navigate beyond the petty annoyances that also come with Mercury regrograde, such as mechanical breakdowns and missed communications, you can make this a rich time to lay the ground work for your year ahead.

However, maintaining you cool is the bright side of shadowy Mercury trickster. Have you been provoked? tested? Or, horror of all horrors, been made painfully aware of things you overlooked in your past? The secret is do not allow the shadows of this time period to paralyze you; take a look, conduct an honest assessment of the situation, and move ahead.

I find this time period is particularly sensitive to the astrological house placement of the sign Aries in ones chart. For example if you have Aries filling your 12th house, you will be dealing with unfilled promises from the past, or, even corrections in passive-agressive relationships. House 6 – get the mop and broom, and make wise use of this time; it can bring a great healing. I will include more detailed house analysis in my Full Moon newsletter (if you are not signed up – here is the link )

To answer the question: How does it make you HEAL? Examine how you can make your life better by honoring this time period as one to take action on improving old, negative habits. This can be a time to accomplish TRUE change and growth in your life; not just offer lip service to the way you want things to be in the future. If you choose just one creation project you can make true headway and generate a new matrix for your reality. Now, that's powerful stuff. You can make it better, and the time to do so is NOW.