Oprah – The Perfect Exit


She encourages us all to follow our own rainbows

Did Oprah Winfrey use astrolgy to schedule the last day of her successful 25 year show? I have been told (by those who profess to know) that Oprah does not ‘believe in' astrology. Whether or not she would choose to add the wisdom of the ages to her fountain of belief – she chose the perfect day to end her show, yet insure that she and her legacy lives on.

Wednesday, May 25th offered up a delectable array of astrological transits for a graceful exit. The Sun in Gemini is a perfect fit for talk shows and hosts as well as dual projects; plus, she has already transitioned into phase II of her projects. And, the Moon in Pisces is the perfect sign for endings of all kinds. As the last sign of the natural zodiac, Pisecs signals completion and closure. Pisces is also an emotional water sign, and her farewell messages were both sincere and heartfelt.

The Pisces moon was further enhanced by being in the waning phase of the lunation cycle; the last quarter moon signals a time of  ‘Crisis in Consciousness.' So, this Pisces moon that lies within the auspices of the third quarter phase of the moon perfectly aligns with the energy of leaving, but doing so with a transmission of wisdom; Oprah has left us with much to think about.

In astrology, the Moon unveils our emotional or unconscious motivations, but it is the Sun sign that lights the way. And, again,

A New Day

Oprah intuited  impeccable timing. On May 25th the Gemini Sun  formed a favorable trine aspect to her natal Venus and Sun in Aquarius. This all bodes well in her natal chart and reveals that one ending is truly the opportunity for a grand opening of another door. And, astrology reveals that the new room which she enters holds delights of creativity, and best of all – freedom.

Did Oprah use the services of an astrologer to determine the best day to end her show? Probably not – but had she done so, the day that she and her fates  landed upon was the perfect fit. Bravo to a great soul.