Pisces Full Moon – Magic and Mystery

September's full moon is filled with both magic and mystery. Virgo/Pisces is the most spiritual axis of the zodiac.

Virgo is about purification and the quest for perfection; Pisces is the imperfect perfection.

Never are the Sun and the Moon more intertwined than through this union of earth and water. Not only is Pisces a water sign, it is balanced waters!

Pisces gives the dual blessings of protection from Jupiter as well as the gift of purity from water. As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces holds the wisdom of all the other signs.

However, even the spiritual sign of Pisces gets an earthly teacher, and that is Virgo.
And, collectively, we are brought to:

Pisces = Protected Endings; Letting Go; What You Trust In
Virgo = The Karmic Wheel; Your Sincere Effort; What You Know

Just as the blade of a sword is strengthened in fire, it is through a grand alchemical process that Virgo holds the feet of this Pisces full moon to the fire to be fully tempered.

You may not know your future but know that there is magic in the air. Neptune in Pisces holds court through a conjunction with the Moon. Mercury, in compatible Virgo, meets the fierceness of Saturn, Jupiter, and Pluto through a favorable earth trine.

We are walking through the fire together.

Can you accept that one cycle has run its course so that another one can begin?

Know that you are protected by the balanced waters of a Pisces full moon.
Wishing you the abundance of Virgo and the gifts of Pisces.

With Love and Purpose,

Maya White

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