Rewind – How does Mercury play with YOU?

Mercury is also known as a Trickster.

Mercury Retrograde – March 30 – April 23, 2011     Aries: 24 – 13 degrees

We are in the middle of a dynamic Mercury Retrograde in the sign of Aries. Since Aries is the prime, cardinal action sign, it has been an especially provocative time.  One important thing to remember about Mercury is that, he/she is somewhat of a trickster. (Mercury is essentially gender neutral, but for this presentation, I will use the pronoun ‘he.)

The tradition of trickster or clown is woven into every tradition from ancient tarot (the Fool) to Native American kachinas. The trickster offers us corrections by asking us look at ourselves through our human foibles, and to see where we have gone astray. Often, the revelations hurt, and we end up laughing through our tears.

In mythology, Mercury was the only being able to enter into the realm of Hades, and emerge unscathed. I am not implying that this Mercury retrograde has been a journey to hell for everyone, however, we are dealing with hiccups coming through the time/space continuum. Issues that show up like this can be distressing, or you can acknowledge them, make a correction, and celebrate your freedom.

The focus of what issues need correction is revealed by the placement of the sign Aries in your natal chart. Each chart has 12 houses, and the house that is occupied by the sign of Aries reveals your path to karmic correction through this Mercury Retrograde.

If Aries occupies House 1 or 7 in your chart: Revisit Your Authentic Self

This is time to examine how you come off in the world. Are you happy with your appearance? Does your life really reflect who you are, and/or, who you want to be? You may be dealing with issues around the way your parents thought your life should look; are you doing things just to please a partner? Examine your life, where and how you live, and even your body image. Physical exercise is actually a great way to unwind any dilemmas around this rewind.

If Aries occupies House 2 or 8 in your chart: Regroup Your Finances

The way you handle money can be a haunting ghost, or a beautiful fairy. Is it time to push the cosmic reset button on your income? Some may have to admit to the need for bankruptcy; others sharply curtail out of control spending. Take a close look at your bills and weed out those little vipers that steal from you every month. Master your money and you gain freedom in other areas of your life.

If Aries occupies House 3 or 9 in your chart: Modify Thy Tongue

You said ‘WHAT’!  Did you really mean that, or, were you just trying to get a reaction? This is a good time to analyze the fine line between communication and verbal warfare. As a natural ruler of the 3rd house and communication, the trickster may pay a visit when you least expect it. The goal here is conveyance of true wisdom, the realm of the 9th house.

If Aries occupies House 4 or 10 in your chart: Go For It!

You stand on the edge of a precipice; you may be terrified of taking this next leap of faith, but there is really no way to go other than forward. This Mercury Retrograde has granted a slight reprieve; however, housed within the space are fluttering ghosts of your past. Like Ebenezer Scrooge, you must abandon your history and move ahead, and like the mythic Scrooge, you gain connection and joy.

If Aries occupies House 5 or 11 in your chart: Continuum

The 5th house is a place of fun and spontaneity, the 11th is where we plan for our old age. What do you want to create in each precious moment of your life? You can choose a life of self service, or work to create a legacy of satisfaction. Use this time to smooth out the rough edges; a weekend getaway to your favorite place is in order. Here you can unwind, and energetically create the space for a larger life, one in which you master your destiny.

If Aries occupies House 6 or 12 in your chart: Truth and Mastery

The 12th house is a place of karmic residue, and Mercury retrograde in Aries can release ghosts you didn’t even know were lingering in your closet! People you unknowingly offended exact their due; the trickster unveils your own foibles and your best defense is kindness combined with humor (or, one of those laugh/cry episodes.)  Mastery is your methodology and saving grace; you are being called to get really good at something.  Have you learned the lesson?