Saturn and Puto Get Personal (again) on January 31

Saturn and Pluto are two powerhouse planets that generate a palpable force on our planet and in our lives.  Think of Pluto as a force that squeezes energy up and out. Volcanoes are ruled by Pluto; feel the flowing river of molten lava that lives under our green and fertile planet. Now, visualize the power and unconstrained action of a volcano. Presto – Pluto! Like the Phoenix, a new vision arises from the ashes of our old, burnt out selves.

Saturn and Pluto dance periodically throughout a 33 year cycle. Especially notable throughout the cycle are times which are often associated with financial stress. Think of it as a shearing effect, a force which breaks apart solid objects. Astrology would predict that more earth changes and dynamic upheaval in our social order and economic outlook are still on the agenda. On a personal level, however, you must use this energy to ‘get real', to challenge and/or eliminate that which you no longer want in your life.

In addition to our world literally coming apart, one very curious thing I noticed during the previous Saturn/Pluto square (November 15, 2009) was that STUFF in my home kept breaking. Amazing! I rarely break things, but last November, several items in my kitchen just fell apart. I had a large glass platter literally shatter in my hands, a couple of plates, and even some mugs. The glass platter was the most interesting, because it dissolved into angular pieces; much like I would envision the energy of Saturn and Pluto.

Key Words for Pluto & Saturn

Transformation = Limitation   *    Reinvention = Structure

Obsessive = rules    *   Oil = Scarcity


Soul Growth = Time   * Spiritual = Test

Illustrations  below- Easy Astrology Oracle Cards by Maya White/2009/Hay House

PLUTO - He Does Have A Heart!
Saturn - Adds Structure and Form.