This week delivers some dynamic planetary action from Saturn, Mars, and Uranus to add meaning and purpose to your inner life.

Just like Flamenco dancers, Saturn, Uranus, and Mars are reaching critical mass as they move with precision. These planets are bold, colorful, and tightly orchestrated.

Like a master of illusion, Saturn in Aquarius has surprise moves up his sleeve.

Saturn does well in Aquarius; he loses some of his forbidding tendencies and gains the leverage of intelligence. However, on July 1st Saturn is tested through an opposition from Mars in Leo.

Saturn and Mars are playing out a classic example of ‘Oppositional Defiant Disorder’; anger, arguing, and irritability are all symptoms of ODD. 

Plus, to keep things interesting, Uranus lands right in the middle playing the kingpin in an astrological
T-Square. On one level, this looks like pouring gasoline on a tinder block. Boom!

However, there is always a positive way forward. You may be tempted to flex your temper or practice your argumentative skills in this planetary environment.

It’s more important than ever for you to maintain your sense of balance and discernment. It’s a lunar wind down phase, but do not be lulled into non-action.

You dear human must practice discernment. The planets are in a fast dance with little time to think – you must act instinctively and take positive action.

Make today the best day of your life – the world awaits your contribution.

 In love and gratitude, 

Maya White

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