Saturn opposing the Sun – Celestial Hump day

Every year the Sun, the earth and Saturn have a special rendezvous. This meeting is not to be taken lightly; It’s like a celestial G-7 summit and it signals a time when important decisions are made and commitments are solidified.

Today, July 9th is that special day of the Sun/Saturn opposition. And you, and the planet earth stand in between Saturn and the Sun. Saturn will be visible all night, from dusk till dawn of July 10th.  And what it means is that Saturn has extra power and influence now.

Traditional astrology speaks about loss as a signature Saturn event, but every planet also has gifts. You may be feeling ‘old’, or ‘unappreciated’ now. Someone may even be busting your chops by not giving in to what you feel are your legitimate requests. These are all typical events that come with an opposition. Like two sumo wrestlers fighting to get the upper hand, the opposition often delivers a worthy opponent. 

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Saturn is also retrograde now, which means that he’s digging up the past to rectify the present. Any problems you have now are to be taken seriously because the Sun/Saturn opposition gives you an awareness of your own dysfunctional patterns, and then you can consciously correct them. 

But don’t forget about the positive qualities – his strengths. The first gift of Saturn is ‘KARMA’ – what goes around comes around. With Saturn and the North Node now conjunct, you’ll continue to see justice served.

The positive gifts of Saturn are: Financial Stability; Empowerment; Accountability; Longevity; and Wisdom.

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Have you ever seen Saturn? It's awesome! Because Saturn is closer to the earth than usual this is a great time for viewing. The rings of Saturn are mesmerizing. Saturn shines cold, hard, and bright, just like it's interpretation in astrology. If you have a chance to see through a telescope – do it. Just getting a good look and standing in the Light of Saturn brings you clarity and gives you strength!

Mercury Retrograde July 7 – 31

The secret to success now lies in the ancient wisdom of: ‘Know Thyself'. This Mercury retrograde cycle reverse engineers the psychological journey from Leo to Cancer. Think of it as going from the Sun to the Moon.

The land of the Sun (Leo) is bright and colored in shades of creative self-expression. Confidence and self-assurance live in the kingdom of Leo. But the lion now returns home – to the mysterious land of the Moon. Mercury re-engaging Cancer is an exercise in authenticity.

Hunger and longing are found in the land of the Moon. Mercury in Cancer asks: What do you really want? Why do you want it? These are essential questions that must be answered in the protective homeland of Cancer.

Yes, there will be frustrations when Mercury goes rogue; he's not really being bad – just playing games with your life. Remember the lesson of Know Thyself and enjoy the journey.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the Stars

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