Scorpio New Moon: Coming Back to Your Body

new moon scorpio
This Scorpio New Moon is a time to come back to your body.

As we approach the Scorpio New Moon my key phrase for this week is: Welcome Home

Today, November 6,  is a pivotal day for the world, and tomorrow, November 7th, is a vital day in astrology. On Wednesday, the Sun and Moon join forces in the exact middle at 15 degrees of Scorpio.

This degree of Scorpio holds a special place in the history of sky watching. The 15th degree of Scorpio is known as the Gate of the Avatar. Taken from an ancient Hindu term related to the word ‘descent’, an Avatar is an enlightened Teacher who enters, or descends to the earth plane. The Avatar is an embodiment of a prime, creative Universal force.

Entering the vortex

And the Avatar Gate is a vortex, a point of entry where enlightened service manifests. 

These days we all are waking up to fulfill our unique divine purpose. The Avatar Gate serves not only spiritual Masters. It is a manifestation point for YOU and your spiritual work and mission.  

In short, the Scorpio new moon signals that it’s time to inhabit your body in the most full and creative way possible. It’s time to come home and do your work in the world.

The Book of Scorpio

Scorpio gives birth to irrevocable change and teaches us that:

  • Forces can change but not destroy you
  • Negativity is a self-destructive path
  • The desire to share overcomes the fear of loss
  • Passion is a driving emotion
  • Intuition is a form of body wisdom

And, the most important lesson of all: 

LOVE is more powerful than HATE

We have been stressed and under pressure all year. Just like when a baby is born, their cries can persist until the point you feel you cannot go on. In other words, you may feel absolute discomfort and at the same time a promise of fulfillment. What is coming will be a better version of what is left behind.

So, this week’s powerful new moon is one that speaks to rebirth and just like a little baby we can see the world with bright and fresh eyes.

Welcome Home, child.

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