Star Cast Predictions for November 6

My key phrase for this week is: In Perfect Timing

The major planetary event this week is Saturn trine Uranus which becomes exact on Saturday, November 11th . Because these two are slow moving planets, we will be experiencing the build up of this aspect all week.

As social planets, the issues are evident in the problems facing the world now –how and where to draw the line between personal freedom and social responsibility.

And although true personal transformation comes through spiritual growth and change, the issues being brought forth through Saturn and Uranus are largely practical; issues of governance, social norms, laws, and justice.

Keeping in mind that the trine is a favorable aspect, this one suggests that there IS a way forward, a path will be forged that ultimately serves the highest order of balance.

However, we are undeniable in the birth process, and there is pressure on many fronts. As positive evolutionary beings , the path forward must include conscious self care.

Even when the world appears to be chaotic, you must be diligent and take time to nurture your self, your life, your family, friends, your business, your home.

This week also brings us to the last quarter moon cycle – a time to evaluate and even prepare to let some things go. Being in the sign of Leo, this one is an opportunity to release old resentments and feelings of not being respected. We all know that it’s not healthy to hang on to these old energetic patterns.

Venus entering Scorpio on Tuesday, November 7th is an invitation to clear old negativity. Scorpio has three symbols, the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix.

Venus in the Scorpion mode tries to hurt others, but only ends up hurting one’s self. Venus as the Eagle can rise above old hurts, but has not really gone through the total purification process.

The ultimate lesson here is to rise to the level of the Phoenix – to  fully release and transforme old emotional wounds. This is the true gift available to us all as Venus moves through Scorpio from November 7th – 30.  It’s done through awareness of your thought patterns, and healing old emotional loops and complexes.

This week, you choose whether to see our cup as half full, or half empty. You decide that if and when life hands you lemons that you choose to make lemonade.

There are many stresses and challenges in the world today, but you also stand at the dawn of creation – your empowerment to be a co-creator with the very matrix of Life. Choose wisely.

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the stars!