Starting Over – the New Moon

You can consciously live your life in accordance with the lunar cycles. Today brings us to the time of New Moon. And, just as the moon changes shape and size in the sky, each month we can tune into the cosmic reset button and start over. The New Moon for today is in the fixed earth sign of Taurus.

Taurus is about manifestation and substance. Depending on your Sun or rising sign, you can use this information to assist you in the following ways:

Taurus or Scorpio /Sun or Rising: This month is up close and personal. Use this New Moon to set an intention for your physical well being. You need to feel good in order to look good. As you increase your stamina and vitality, other people will respond in kind.

Gemini or Sagittarius / Sun or Rising: This month is your time of depth. Some situations will be coming to an end, as others step in to replace what is worn out. You must examine your motives and take time for reflection. The question is: what is the price you must pay, and are you willing to do so?

Cancer or Capricorn/ Sun or Rising: Make this a time of social interaction and connection. Meet and greet; get out as much as possible. You are looking for your ‘birds of a feather'; and it is your mission to find them. This is an excellent month for workshops and classes. If you want to be a writer – the time is NOW.

Leo or Aquarius / Sun or Rising: Take heart! If you find that your heart is hiding beneath layers of obligation and responsiblity, now is your time to initiate some new ground rules. This is you month to lay the new foundation for your future. Some of you will move, sothers will re-arange the furniture, and some of you will change your lives.

Virgo or Pisces / Sun or Rising: New information is what this month is all about. Some arrives through your own efforts, other news lands on your doorstep unannounced. Your mission is to gather it, and evaluate the impact it has on your life.

Libra or Aries / Sun or Rising: You can make significant financial gains this month. It's time to DO the things you have been thinking about for so long. May presents significant good fortune, so, use this month to go with the flow, and get busy. Money is a good thing, and it can make your life better!