Summer Solstice – When the Earth Stands Still

Easy Astrology Oracle Card - The Sun

Today we celebrate Summer Solstice. The word ‘solstice' actually means ‘sun + standing still'. Solstice is  the day when our earth reaches its point of maximum tilt towards, or, away from  the sun, (depending on which hemishpere you live in). When this happens, the daily north/south progression of the sun appears to stand still for a few days before it changes and resumes its north/south journey.

Regardless of where you live, today is a special day that marks a change of seasons on earth. As we move towards life in accordance with nature and our environment, the Solstice marks a time for evaluation of where you stand. Since ancient times, Midsummers' eve is celebrated as a day that honors the defeat of darkness by the vitality of the Sun. It is also a time to partake of  fertility and enjoy the ease of  life.

Do something special today in celebration of the Solstice! Take a risk and defeat your own dark places; even if it's only one small step at a time. Illuminate pockets of inner joy, and the Sun will light the way to your success. And, most importantly – take time to embrace the richness of who you are and what you have.

If you look closely at the Easy Astrology Oracle Card  for the Sun, you will see that  housed within this image are a multitude of faces; the 108 faces of God. This card represents all of humanity and our drive for self expression and actualization; our illumination. The faces all look to the center, a place of genesis. Just like rays of the sun, each human is a unique expresson of a common source. We may have different cultures and religions, but, we are all ONE.

Wishing you the freedom and blessings of many warm and joyous days.

Happy Solstice!