Sun and Jupiter – Living Out Loud

Jupiter is in the news now because of his close proximity to earth. The Sun, Jupiter and the earth are dancing together with earth holding the middle position between the Sun and Jupiter.

This puts us in a good place not only to view the moons of Jupiter, but also to feel and harvest the blessings of our massive Guardian Angel planet.

Sun and Jupiter – Living Out Loud

The ancient astrologers taught that Jupiter, also known as Thor, was a red-haired giant. Thor wielded a marvelous hammer that could return to him like a boomerang when he threw it.

It’s interesting to note that Jupiter is actually a very noisy planet; modern science has recorded chirps and booming sounds coming from the red planet. Ancient myths taught that the sound of thunder was said to come from the hammer of Thor, and his chief enemy was the world serpent, a symbol of evil. Once again, the words of our ancient teachers are backed by science and fitting with our impressions today of Jupiter – the King planet.

As noted in my Easy Astrology Oracle Cards, the planet of Jupiter gives us: Growth; Optimism; Well Being; Aspirations; Gifts; and Protected Expansion.

Have you experienced any of these benefits? Receiving gifts often involves being open and even taking risks. This is how to harvest the benefits of Jupiter.

Make this a great week and dare to ‘Live Out Loud’. Be like Jupiter and make some noise; state your needs, express your dreams, and claim your prize.

Wishing you an amazing week ahead!

Wishing you many blessings as you reach for the Stars

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