This Taurus full moon is spectacular! But, is it gonna be easy?
With the Moon conjunct Uranus and even Dark Moon Lilith is lurking in the wings, the answer is NO.

Lilith highlights a place of shadow that come from messages you received as a child. Through Lilith, the rejected child who must leave Paradise and go out on her own.

Are you ready to cut some ties; feeling like you’ve just ‘had it’ in some area of your life? Are you feeling like the time is NOW?

It’s Uranus and Lilith being lit up by this bright lunation.  Uranus is a catalyst – the Great Awakener.

What is easy about this Full moon is that you can just let the stars do their work. Don’t resist the changes, because resistance is notoriously troublesome under Uranus.

If you’re looking for insight on your next steps, I can really help with the energies around this Taurus Full moon. We are in a huge time of transition, and there are still major planetary shifts coming up in the next 2 months.

Destiny Reading
I talk with too with many people who are beating themselves up because they’re not happy where they are. It’s like staying too long at a party – when the party’s over.

Is this you?  You think that you’re not trying hard enough; or, if you stay longer things will change.

Most people who work with me begin with a Destiny Reading which combines your birth chart with AstroCartoGraphy locational astrology.

I am one of 100 people trained and certified AstroCartoGraphy, and am one of the most experienced practitioners in the world.

But, Maya, I Can’t Move Right Now
You may be stuck in a place where you cannot leave, and here’s the good news:
 your map will tell you what’s causing discomfort.

Once you know the source of the pain, you can take specific actions to make the best of your situation.

Just like a doctor, your map and birth chart will diagnose the (dis)ease and together, you and I address the symptoms to come up with a cure.

But first – you need to know what’s really wrong.  
This is what I can do in my Destiny Reading –diagnose, and give you a plan.

And then –  you can stop beating yourself up. Often the problem is that you’re just not in the right place, and no matter how hard you try, or how long you stay there – it’s not going to change.

Because of the preparation time involved in my Destiny Reading, pricing will be changing soon – it literally takes me hours to prepare for and conduct this reading.

And, I’m happy to speak with you beforehand and address your questions.

If you want to really get a handle on where you live; have questions about whether or not to move; and want an excellent astrology reading – schedule a time from the Contact Maya button below.

In Love and Service,

Maya White

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