The rest of the story. . . a vision

Previously, I told about the transformational power of a Mars/Saturn transit. How it seemingly corrected an injury from long ago. What I did not tell was what happened after the bicycle fall. That is as wonderful as the twist of fate which brought me to a karmic correction within my body.

Incidentally, I have been on a weight loss diet for the past 2 months, and am at exactly the same body weight I was when I originally had my auto accident 5 years ago. Having not been able to walk without pain, I had gained the proverbial ‘extra 20 pounds.' Well, it's gone now. And, I view the recent injury as a release of the trauma of the original episode. How convenient, as I return to the same body image, I relive an injury – only this time, it's a re-wind, and, much less traumatic.

But, the weight is not the magic associated with my sunset encounter with a skateboard. Instead, the magical story is about the hawk I saw just after I rode off on my bike. After picking up my scattered coins and water bottles, I engaged my dignity, and quietly rode off. Next, within 30 seconds, I encountered a large hawk which was curiously spread -eagle (sorry hawk) on the sidewalk. At first I thought the bird had a broken wing, it was in such an ungainly position. I consider the hawk to be one of my totem animals, and have seen many in flight, and even in trees, but never in such an odd conformation in the weirdest of places – on the busy sidewalk of a populated metropolitan area.

Almost as amazing was the fact that people continued to walk right by the giant bird, not paying any attention to the vision. Nobody even noticed! But, I was stunned, and of course, this was the next stop on my bike ride. The hawk was in such a curious position because it had a live pigeon under it's wing. Suppertime. My curious nature got the best of the situation, and as I approached, both the hawk and the ruffled pigeon flew their separate ways.

Hawks are messengers. So, I pondered my animal totem message. My interpretation is that the message from this magnificent bird was that I too, am again free to hunt, to fly, and to sustain my needs. It's not healthy to dig up the past, especially when one is dealing with trauma. However, apparently there were still some broken bones, because the past came calling in a way that allows me to release it. And, hawks always get my attention as well as respect.