Update Reading

MW_headshot_with_jacket_smASTRO*TUNE UP – 30 minutes – $249

I love every part of astrology, and it's my honor and joy to offer your update reading. 

This reading is especially good for a 6 month follow up which is a perfect time to catch up on how things are playing out.


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This reading is also great for events such as:
* A change of job
* Vacation planning
* Relationship prediction
* Knowing your best time to list or buy real estate
* Planning surgical procedures
* Timing on a move or other event

Your life experience is the proof of astrology, and together we can look at what's happening for you, and strategize for the future.

I like to work with transits (where the planets are today) and progressions (an update technique) as a foundation for your update reading. I also check eclipse points to see if the annual eclipses are directly impacting your chart.

I also look at your natal chart and discuss how the planetary transits and progressions interface with your birth matrix. The natal chart is always important, and provides the foundation for the update reading.

It's good to have an annual reading during your birthday month. We can look at your Solar Return – the predictive chart for your year ahead.

Your Astro Tune*Up
Once you schedule your appointment, you'll receive a confirmation from my scheduling system.

Your reading includes:

* A 30 minute personal consultation to answer your specific questions.

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