Virgo New Moon

This week is a special new beginning. Not only did we have the Virgo new moon on Sunday, but today is Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year. The mystical tradition of Kabbalah teaches that today and tomorrow are special days to set your intentions for the entire calendar year ahead – so, today is an extra New Year’s Day.

Back in western astrology the sun resides in Virgo until September 22. Virgo invites you to examine WHY you are doing what you do. When you get clear on your motivations, taking action becomes easier.

Virgo also rules the process of purification – again, getting clear on your intentions.

The season of Virgo

Virgo also teaches us to detox our bodies, to eat the right foods, to engage in healthy living practices, and not allow toxic patterns to muddy your clear Light.

5 positive Key words for Virgo are: analytical, industrious, systematic, considerate, and reliable.

And here are 5 traits to overcome during the season of Virgo – being aloof, skeptical, finicky, critical, and self-centeredness.

Virgo delivers a season of hard work with practical results.

The sun will be in Virgo until September 22nd, so, use this time to move ahead by analyzing what you‘re doing, and taking steps to refine your goals and purify your body.

Regarding this week, there are several interesting planetary transits; however, there is also a cautionary undercurrent.

A time to make decisions 

One of the best days this week is Tuesday, September 11th. On Tuesday, the Sun steps in to organize and activate both Jupiter and Pluto. With these eventful aspects, the 11th is a great day to make decisions and then take action.

However, on Wednesday, Venus opposes Uranus, so, take caution that you don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. When Venus and Uranus come into play, you may be prone to being overly critical or succumb to doubt; so, think big, but, don’t fall off the wagon.

On Wednesday, remember to heed the good advice you received on Tuesday. The good news, that by the end of the day, things have settled down, as Venus interacts with Saturn – a much more reliable influence.  

This week ends with a favorable Mercury trine Pluto, which puts an endcap on to what can be a great week. Provided you don’t go off the rails mid-week – you’re golden.