The new moon of September 17th continues to deepen the refinement of Virgo. Remember, Virgo is a sign of physical, emotional, and spiritual purification.

During the season of Virgo, you may encounter some type of test that presents a chance to rectify a previous mistake! Keep in mind that Virgo is a Mutable Earth sign.

The Earth element of Virgo draws these lessons down to the earth plane, and the Mutable quality teaches you to make the shift, to move on.

So often we ‘mess up’ or make a mis-take and create something that didn’t turn out exactly right. Virgo is the season of second chances; the time for a do-over to get it right.

Through the correction of your past, you engage the ‘Virgin Mary’, or ‘Mother Mary’ archetype – once again innocent and no longer beholden to an old decision made long ago.

Your Teachers
And, remember that planets are ‘teachers’ that speak in a symbolic language.

In this transformational time, the planets deliver a powerful message of release for this week’s Virgo new moon. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are the personal planets, and each one forms a square, or challenging aspect to one of the outer planets, which speak to culture and humanity as a collective.

The Recipe

Venus square Uranus – speaks to sudden endings, and suggests that you not hold on; no lingering over old relationships or even situations that are from long ago.

Mars square Saturn – basically says to just suck it up, and make the cut. (I know that’s not the most elegant way to put it, but hopefully you get the point.)

Mercury square Jupiter – shows you the way forward.

It’s simple, but often our human minds make things complicated. At this time there is no ‘returning to normal’, rather we have entered a new paradigm, a new way of being. It’s been a difficult transition, but you may have already noticed the benefits, such as the Quickening in your manifestations.

In closing, I want to also say that my heart is heavy and I acknowledge the many people, animals, and all forms of life who are suffering from fire, drought, floods, lack of food and water, and the other maladies  at this time. You are not forgotten.

For us all, the stars offer guidance and show the way. This week, as you honor the Virgo new moon, surrender to the Divine message of release.

With Love and Purpose,

Maya White

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