It’s so enriching to live in conscious awareness of the changing of the seasons. Just hours after the Full moon of August 22nd the Sun moved into Virgo. 


Now, on the 24th, we are truly into the seasonal change.  


Virgo is a season of renewal and replenishment – a time to refine your body and renew your connection to the earth.


And, perfectly in sync with the season, I’m so grateful to be spending this week on a lake in Maine, in a cabin with amazing sunset views.  


Virgo Season: The Misunderstood Virgo…

it’s a misnomer to think of Virgo as the Westernized ‘virgin’. Rather, Virgo is more about the archetypal journey to wisdom; how we grow (up) and mature in the ways of Mother Earth. 


‘Virginal’ as related to Virgo also refers to the concept of purity and cleansing, things the sign Virgo is notoriously known for!


Did you know that the symbol for Virgo stylistically shows a goddess holding a stalk of grain? 


That’s because, at the beginning of Virgo season, farmers in the Northern hemisphere prepare for harvest time, while in the Southern hemisphere, they prepare their fields for planting!


History is rich with myths surrounding the season of Virgo. In ancient Egypt, the Virgo goddess was Isis and her Sun-child Horus. The ancient Egyptians revered Isis for her magical powers and her ability to protect one from enemies. 


The wisdom teaching of Kabbalah explains that Virgo is a time of repentance and taking responsibility for our own actions. And, that you do not have to carry the weight of the world; just be accountable for your own actions, but not the actions of others. 


Symbolically, as you examine or purify (or ‘cleanse’) yourself in the Virgo season, you are contributing to the betterment of the entire world. 


Thinking of you and sending blessings in this sacred season.

Maya White

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