Weekly Star Cast for July 10

After such a dramatic and important full moon, is it possible that today is the first day of a brave new world?

It feels like New Year’s Day of 2000, the day after the Y2K abyss;  or, like December 23rd, the day after the predicted ‘end of the Mayan calendar’ of 2012.

Wow, we just had a full moon conjunct Pluto and opposed by the Sun conjunct Mars!  What’s next?

It feels like another day; only – wait – the air is clear, and maybe Truth is coming closer to a union with Justice.

So, What’s Going On?

Mars is moving ahead in direct motion; but Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde now. These three outer planets are twisting deeply like a roto-rooter, digging out ‘data’ held in situations, facts, figures, and even meetings that were intended to remain private.

This week begins with the moon in Aquarius.  Let this air sign inspire you in your search for self-expression.

Even the moon needs a rest after her culmination, and she rests easy much of this week.

On Monday the moon trines Venus (Aquarius to Gemini, on Tuesday, the Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Saturn, and on Wednesday, the Moon sextiles Uranus; these are all favorable aspects to help you Regulate and Integrate.

Although the lunar aspects are relatively easy, this is not a week to sleep, rather, it’s a rich time to work smoothly and efficiently.   It’s also a valuable time to work on you own roto-rooter projects.

It’s your time to address anything that is old, decaying, and/or in need of a major clean out.

The Days of Revelation

The fertile days of Integration slowly come to a close as we move towards the last quarter moon on Sunday, July 16th.

The tides are changing; as the sun moves closer to Leo and the Great Solar Eclipse of August 21st, the ‘days of silence’ begin to retreat, and the tides flow towards the ‘days of revelation’.

I’ll see you there.