What’s Going On * February 20 – 24

The sun also entered watery, mutable Pisces on Saturday the 18th. Happy birthday  to all Pisces natives. You are ready to entertain your planetary ruler, Neptune for the next several years – enjoy, and find your strength as you   enter the rich, watery realm of the god of ecstasy.

Sunday, the Sun joins Neptune to give you a taste of what is to come – a small caution – alcohol is also ruled by Neptune,  think Dionysus and his wild nights of music and dance. Even, better, think – warm sexuality, soft music, moonlight walks on the beach, and candle light romantic dinners. Now –that’s a Neptune I can get behind.

The new Moon arrives on Tuesday the 21st – along with the celebratory day of Mardi Gras. Again – balance the idea of having fun against the    experience of having –TOO much fun!!! The moon joins Neptune at exactly 10:48 AM Pacific time; anyone looking for a reason to take the day off and celebrate will have every good reason to do so. This is also an amazing connection for artists, visionaries, and musicians. As we merge with the vast inspiration of Neptune in the months ahead, remember the positive side of his watery realm. Tuesday bids farewell with a positive moon sextile to Jupiter – count your blessings and know that opportunity awaits.

Wednesday the 22nd is still lush; the Pisces moon waves a friendly sextile to Pluto in the early hours of the morning. You will be happy you considered the path of moderation on Wednesday when the late Pisces moon bids farewell to Mars in the early evening and ventures in to void of course (v/c).

Thursday, the 23rd, the Moon enters energetic Aries, as Mercury forms a dynamic opposition to Mars in the early hours –think carefully before taking action because somebody may have an alternative plan to yours. Think twice, move once, and then – enjoy the afternoon with all of your important decisions well behind you.

Sending wishes for smooth sailing into the next week.

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