A*C*G Reading

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Every Place is Good for Something

Did you know that astrology can help you identify your BEST PLACES on the earth for prosperity and even romance?

Astro*Carto*Graphy (A*C*G) is a specialized branch of astrology that shows where the planets were above the earth when you were born.

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In the same way that your birth chart is unique, your A*C*G map is completely unique to YOU.

I’m one of only 90 people in the world trained and certified by Jim Lewis, the creator of Astro*Carto*Graphy.

And, I’m passionate about A*C*G because I see it in action every day.

Once you schedule your  A*C*G READING, I’ll contact you personally by email.

Before your reading, I want to get details on what you are looking for in terms of climate, social opportunities, work options, and other specifics that are important to you.

I spend at least 60 minutes working on your maps before we even speak. Then, after our session, I spend at least another hour working on your maps to add locations that came up during your reading.

It’s my goal that together we find a place that meets what you’re looking for.

Your reading includes:
* A 60 minute recorded consultation
* A 10 page personalized PDF that details your best locations

This reading also qualifies you for a 30 minute follow up at a discounted price if scheduled within 7 days.

Astro*Carto*Graphy is a prime tool if you want to move; but, you don’t have to be planning a move in order to benefit. It also saves you time and money by helping to:

* Evaluate potential romantic partners
* Enhance your business relationships
* Eliminate locations that do not serve your higher purpose
* Explain why certain places always to deliver the same results regardless of your efforts
* Enjoy the most amazing vacation of your life because you’ve chosen a place that resonates with YOU!

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Wishing you many happy journeys,

P.S. –  I promise to not send you to Alaska if you hate cold weather!