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‘Your Asteroid Goddesses’ 

Unveil the secrets of your eternal sexuality; confront your inner challenges and learn how to win. Discover where to hold and nurture, and where to let go.


Astro*Carto*Graphy Explained 

If you are moving, thinking of moving, vacationing, or doing business—regardless of the purpose an AstroCartoGraphy will give you the insights and info that can make any move more productive for you.

1 Location $24.95 / 2 Locations $44.90

‘Sky Log’ Report

The Sky Log is one of those reports which you will read, use—and read again! Good astrological forecasting is something to value, especially once you realize its ability to improve the quality of your life—every day! This report is available in forecasts covering 6 months, or a full 12 months.

6 Months $24.95 / 12 Month $44.90

Best Place Report

Your Astrological Chart reveals locations on Earth that resonate specifically to YOU! Understand the energies of where you are now and learn about a new place to live; identify your best spiritual retreat locations, plan your vacations, and make decisions around your own life with confidence.


‘Friends and Lovers’ Report

Improve any relationship— romantic, with family members, friends, or even business associates (and yes, even your boss).


‘Lucky Days’ 30 Day Report

Timing has always been a part of creating your good luck; there are good times and bad times, times when you’re lucky and times when you’re unlucky.


Child Star Report

By helping you identify and understand your child’s talents and the challenges they may face, you can successfully guide them through their most important years.


‘Just For Women’

Just for Women will open you up to being thankful for understanding things about yourself that you may have often felt, but perhaps never expressed. This insightful and detailed report will confirm things you thought you knew about yourself as well as give you the insight to deal with other people in all walks of life.